Autumn Is Here—These Are the Must-Have Decor Items for the New Season

I'm not sure how, but it's officially March which means we're also entering a new season (arguably the best). Throughout the next few months, the air will begin to become crisp and the weather mild, while leaves will transform themselves into delightful warm shades. Just as you'll need to rotate your wardrobe to prepare yourself for a change in weather, now's a great time to introduce some new pieces into your home to keep you feeling comfortable all season long. Below is our edit of the best autumn decor must-haves for the new season.

Trans seasonal bed linen

What we love the most about our collection of bed linen is that there's absolutely no need to change it when the seasons shift. Perfect for summer, autumn, winter and spring, Bed Threads sheets will keep you cool on balmy nights and cosy during chilly mornings. If you haven't tried sleeping in 100% French flax linen yet, now's the time to see what all the fuss is about.

The perfect armchair

If there was ever an excuse to start staying in on Friday nights with a good book or your new favourite Netflix show, it's crisp autumn weather. As the days become shorter and the nights longer, you're going to need the perfect armchair to curl up on. Our suggestion? Something vintage with worn-in fabric that tells the story of its past lives.

A lightweight throw

The weather will begin to cool down in the coming days, but we're still a while away from chilly winter temperatures. The best way to keep yourself comfy during these in-between seasons is to keep light layers on hand. Just like you'd add layers to your outfit so that you can easily adjust your body temperature throughout the day, a lightweight throw is perfect to keep on your sofa or bed for when a cold snap hits.

Dried flowers

Crunchy and full of character, dried flowers are our go-to for a warm, whimsical addition to our own homes. Australian natives like eucalyptus and banksia look stunning when placed together in a vase to slowly dry out—the earthy tones they convey are perfect for an autumn refresh and can be used as colour palette inspiration for your styling choices.

Coffee table books

Whether you're spending some necessary alone time at home or hosting a few of your friends, a curated selection of books for your coffee table is a decor necessity all-year-round. For the budget-conscious and sustainably-minded, you'll find new and old finds in thrift stores and even garage sales, if that's your kind of thing. Not only will you appear well-read and worldly, but their beautifully-designed covers will double as stunning decor.

Original art

Striking original art can make even the most humble of homes stand out from the crowd. Whether it's a mixed media masterpiece or a handpainted canvas, artworks have the power to bring personality and energy into a room. For some inspiration, check out the list of our favourite emerging artists on Instagram where you'll find the best local painters and illustrators to purchase from.

Scented candles

Scent is so important in interior spaces to create an unforgettable ambience that connects you to a certain time and place. Some of my favourite memories are tied to specific aromas, whether it's a person's perfume or the smell of salty ocean waves crashing. Choosing a delicious candle to light not only fills the air with a pleasant fragrance, but it also acts as a flickering source of light when you want to keep things lowkey and moody.


Curvy, unique and handmade, ceramic decor pieces are an autumn necessity for a casual-yet-curated interior style. We've partnered with some of our favourite artisans right now to create a shoppable collection so that you can recreate the look at home. Place them on your coffee table as standalone focal points or fill them with flowers for a whimsical display, no home is complete without a touch of handmade goodness.

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