From Towels to Toothbrushes: This is Exactly How Often You Should Replace Everything In Your Bathroom

You've seen the headlines: your toothbrush is home to 100 million bacteria! Your bathroom is a breeding ground for disease! It's enough to make you want to set your bathroom on fire and start from scratch. Don't do this. Instead, consider replacing each of the items in your bathroom and setting reminders for when they need replacing next.

After kitchens, bathrooms are the second most likely room in any house to be full of germs. It's because of what they're used for, sure, but also because of the wetness and dampness that occurs on a daily basis. The secret to keeping your bathroom as clean as possible is twofold: keep it dry and keep it clean. Use this moment to reassess your approach to bathroom maintenance and consider marking the occasion with a purchase from the new Bathe. by Bed Threads range of bathroom essentials, including bath towels, hand and face towelshaircare and skincare, and more.

Here is exactly how often you should replace everything in your bathroom


1-3 years

As long as towels are well-made and well-cared for, they should be good for a few years. Two obvious signs you should replace a bath or hand towel are lack of absorbency and unpleasant smell. If a towel takes a while to dry the water off of your hands or body, it means that the fibres have broken down and it's no longer effective, and that it's less likely to become dry in a timely manner and therefore more likely to gather bacteria. If a towel smells even after it's gone through the washing machine, it means it's probably time for a new one. We recommend upgrading to our 100% French Flax Linen towels, naturally moisture-wicking and built to last.


3-6 months

An effective toothbrush will have neat bristles and be stored in a clean, cool, dry place between brushes. To ensure a healthy lifespan for your toothbrush, here are some things to keep in mind: If you've been sick, throw your toothbrush out and start fresh with a new one. If you're finding that your toothbrush isn't fully dry by the time you go to use it, you need to store it somewhere else where it is able to air out properly. For this reason, never store your toothbrush in an air-tight container. Don't store your toothbrush anywhere it can come in "face-to-face" contact with another toothbrush, and don't share your toothbrush—even if you're close with its owner.

Shower curtain

3-6 months

With so much wetness happening on a regular basis, the risk of mould and bacteria forming on your shower curtain is high. If your shower curtain has a plastic liner, be sure to scrub it down every other month. If your shower curtain is fabric, put it through the wash every few months. If your shower curtain has mould on it, or smells, replace it immediately. If your shower curtain came with your rental, replace it immediately. Get yourself a spare to keep stored away, so that when you realise it's time for a new one you'll have one on hand. Blessed with a glass screen instead? Get yourself a squeegee and wipe that sucker down after every shower.

Bath mat

2 years

Launder your bath mat once a week and it will last you up to two years. The less frequently it gets washed, the more likely it will gather bacteria that is difficult to get rid of in the washing machine, which will mean it will need replacing more frequently. If your bath mat is getting quite wet when you bathe or shower, be sure to hang it somewhere to dry afterwards.


1-3 months

The frequency with which you replace your loofah depends on what it's made from and how often you use it. If you use a natural loofah, replace it once a month. If your loofah is plastic, it should last longer. If it smells or has visible mould growing on it, it's definitely time for the bin. To get maximum mileage out of your loofah, be sure to rinse it after every use and hang it somewhere to dry fully.

Tongue cleaner

5-20 years

As long as your tongue cleaner is made from anti-bacterial copper and is cleaned regularly, it should last basically forever.


1-3 months

If your razor has stopped working or has become rusty, it's time for a new one. Invest in an eco-conscious razor with replaceable blades. Not changing your razor frequently enough can lead to skin irritation and infection.


1-20 years

If you use hair products on a regular basis (waxes, gels, sprays) then you should be replacing your brush or comb more often than people who don't. Consider using one brush for clean hair and another for product and cleaning each brush regularly. But what if you've invested a cool few hundred of your hard-earned in a Mason Pearson? Well, you'll have it forever as long as you clean and care for it properly.

Shampoo and conditioner

1.5 years (once opened)

Unopened shampoo and conditioner can last for years if stored in a cool, dry cupboard. Once opened, if you don't use it all within 18 months, it needs to be binned.

Toilet brush

6-12 months

Pending disasters, your toilet brush should last around six months before being replaced. If someone in the house has been sick, that's also good time to replace your toilet brush.

You've been warned: here are nine surprising items you should never have in your bathroom.


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