The Ideal Linen Colors for You, According to Your Interior Style

We get it: picking just one (or even a few) colours of sheets for your home is a difficult, difficult choice. Should you go with cooling Sage or Mineral? Warm Terracotta or Rust? Poppy bright, like Turmeric? Or what about our newest colour additions Peach and Lilac?

One way to pick the ideal linen colours for you is to consult your wider interior style at home. How is the rest of your house or apartment styled? And what are you trying to convey through your decor? Here, we come with a few colour suggestions for some of the most popular interiors identities.

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The perfect linen colour for you, according to your interior style

If you love… Scandi-Minimalism

Hej, hej! You love all things Scandinavian: pale wood, lots of gleaming surfaces and plenty of light is the name of the game when it comes to your home. Your colour palette is clean and bright, and you keep things easy breezy throughout, with a few cosy corner for snuggling in when you want to get hygge with it.

Linen colours:

White, Oatmeal and Fog. These three shades go together like salmon and dill, or Benny and Bjorn that’s an ABBA reference, folks. Clean, minimal and bright, these colours are the perfect backdrop for a bedroom full of the smooth lines of Scandi-minimalism, and will complement the hygge vibes you have throughout your house.


If you love… Mid-Century Modern

You have the drop times on Curated Spaces saved as a regular alarm in your phone, you can’t get enough of Dakota Johnsons’ California-cool pad, you have a huge Slim Aarons print hanging above our bed. Hello, Mid-Century Modern! 

Linen colours:

In keeping with the laidback, earthy and warm tones of your decorating style, you should opt for linen colours that reflect that, such as Olive, Oatmeal and Petrol. A mixture of these three (or even just two) shades will provide some of that 50s-era sophistication into your home, or go for a bed made entirely in one shade if you’re a linen completist. Our pick of the bunch? The very, very cool Petrol.


If you love… Boho

Your house is a mix-and-match paradise, full of thrifted finds, beloved pieces hauled back from travels, more artwork than you can poke a stick at, and plenty of scuffed antiques. You love all things colourful, creative and unique. 

Linen colours:

Rust, Terracotta and Turmeric. Go big or go home, if your decor style is boho fabulous. You want bedding that is going to be in keeping with the vibrancy of your house, so why not try a combination of zingy Turmeric and rich Rust? Or keep it tonal with a pairing of Rust and Terracotta. Either way, make sure to go for warm and bright shades.


If you love… Coastal

There’s an air of the relaxed beach house to your pad: lots of windows to let in the creamy light, plenty of linen everywhere, soft furnishings throughout and wide open spaces. Everything is simple and unfussy, and you’ve got a thing for driftwood artwork and shells. 

Linen colours:

Mineral, White, Drift and Sage coastal chic devotees are spoiled for choice. Any of the cooler colours at Bed Threads will work in a home by the sea, especially ones that are inspired by the ocean, like the blue-grey of Mineral, the seafoam hue of Drift of the minty-green Sage. All of these shades mix and match well together, so you can get a few different varieties to fill your linen cupboard easily, or start small with a matching set and build out from there. The world is quite literally your oyster.


If you love… Feminine  

Your house is never without flowers, you love styling your home with warm tones and colourways, you always have scented candles burning and you seem to have the girls over for wine most Fridays after work, because your place is the cosiest and the most chic. 

Linen colours:

One thing we have abundance of at Bed Threads are lovely, gorgeous pink shades. If your decorating style is feminine and chic, try one of our bestselling Lavender, Pink Clay or Ruby varieties. Or, our newest colours Peach and Lilac are light and fresh, fruity and floral. 


Shop all the above colour combinations using our fully-customisable Build-Your-Own-Bundle.

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