5 Things a Stylist Wants You to Know About Creating the Perfect Tablescape

Inviting family over for brunch in the backyard, hosting a dinner party for your closest friends or even creating a special date night for you and your partner can be made all the more special with a beautiful table setting. It shows you've gone to an effort to make the experience really memorable, and sets a festive mood for the meal.

But creating the perfect table setting can be easier said than done.

While we'e previously shared a comprehensive guide on how to create an 'Instagrammable' tablescape, as well as what your perfect table style should look like according to your star sign, there are a few elements you need to be extra mindful of.

According to Sydney-based stylist Corina Koch, her main piece of advice when it comes to hosting is to have fun with it. After all, a dinner party or long lunch is meant to be enjoyable for everyone, not just the guests! 

"Don't rush," Koch advises. "Give yourself ample preparation time, as it can be a very cathartic experience when you take your time. Overall, the result should make you and your guests feel happy, warm, and welcome."

Keep reading for Koch's step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful table setting, and explore our Spreads. by Bed Threads. tableware collection for inspiration. 

5 Things a Stylist Wants You to Know About Creating the Perfect Tablescape

1. Choose a tablecloth and napery

Neutral linens are very versatile as they can be styled differently time and time again, both formal or informally. But if you are feeling a little more adventurous, don't be scared to inject some colour to give your table more personality. Or, you can even play with shapes and try our Scalloped placements and napkins. This '80s wave is proving to be the biggest interior trend of 2021.


2. Get the place setting right

With the tablecloth and placemat set for each guest, place down a plate in the centre of the placemat. When placing the cutlery, the fork should go to the left of the plate, the knife to the right with the blade facing towards the plate, the spoon to the right of the knife and dessert utensils to the top of the plate.

A water glass should sit just above the knife on the right, while napery can be folded to the side or on top of a plate and tied with fabric, twine or leather and finished with herbs, flowers or a small vegetable.

If you're unsure of placement, check out this useful guide here.


3. Choose a centrepiece

Select one feature piece to anchor the table and set the overall mood. It could be a sculptural branch in a primitive ceramic vessel for a natural vibe, bright blooms for impact or delicate arrangements in vintage crystal bud vases for a more modest approach.

Just make sure it’s not too intrusive on the rest of the table – you should still have plenty of room for food and your guests should be able to see each other!


4. Give it some style

Next, you can add secondary styling elements such as footed bowls and platters filled with fruit and vegetables to add colour and create some height.

Candles are also a great way to create ambience – just make sure any naked flames are safely placed away from any floral arrangements.


5. Add the finishing touches

Once the table is completely set, it's important to focus on creating an atmosphere. Music and lighting is essential here – dim the lights and throw on a Spotify playlist (jazz is always a crowd pleaser). Bon appetit! 

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