Turn Your Bathroom Into A Wellness Retreat With These Free Hacks

When you think of your bathroom, you probably imagine a space that's more practical than tranquil; a place where you can get ready for the day or wind down for the night in. But, by adding a few soul-soothing elements and switching things up slightly, it's entirely possible to convert your space into a place for immense relaxation, akin to your favourite day spa or wellness retreat. Everyone needs a peaceful place to turn to in trying and busy times, and we think that the bathroom is the ultimate area of the home to do so. In five easy (and free) steps, instantly turn your bathroom into a wellness retreat.

1. Declutter

The dreaded 'd' word isn't everyone's favourite past time, that's for sure. It turns out, as we discovered in a previous post, that decluttering can actually bring out a creative side to us and make us more productive. Not only that, but spaces in our homes that aren't filled with clutter are more likely to be used and enjoyed, so to transform your bathroom into a retreat, you'll need to clear any excess clutter and do a general tidy up. Make use of all of your drawers to hide products out of sight, and give every surface a good wipe down. You'll feel better, trust me.


2. Incorporate scents

Your favourite spots for a facial or massage always incorporate the sense of smell into their overall peaceful vibe. Your bathroom retreat could use some ambience as well with some help from your favourite candle, incense or oil diffuser. Entering a room that's filled with a delightful aroma and peaceful sounds is guaranteed to wash away any worries.


3. Sound matters, too

If you trace your mind back to your favourite day spa or wellness retreat, you might recognise a soft stream of atmospheric music or even sounds of nature that help to immediately set the mood from the moment you walk in. It's easily to replicate the mood at your place with a portable speaker that streams one of the dozens of relaxing playlists that were created for this very purpose on apps like Spotify or Apple Music.


4. Invite nature in

If you're just beginning your journey as a plant lover, check out our guide on how to start an indoor garden. If you've got a few indoor plants hanging around, we suggest that you bring some inside your newfound wellness spot. You can even go one step further and place a vase of freshly cut flowers on your vanity to up the ambience and luxe levels. Hint: a few leaves from the garden work just as well.


5. Up the plushness

Bring out your comfiest towels, your linen robe and of course, a pair of fluffy slippers. Take some time to lay them out as they'd appear in the most luxurious treatment destinations in the city so that you'll feel like you've truly transported to a relaxation destination. Items like a soft bath mat will help to keep the good vibes going and keep your feet dry and, above all else, relaxed.


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