Small in size but big in style, these homes showcase how much can be done with a modest square footage.

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9 of the Most Beautiful Small Homes We’ve Stepped Into

Small in size but big in style, these homes showcase how much can be done with a modest square footage.

Whether you've just moved into a new apartment or you want to update your small space, a bit of decorating is a great chance to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. It can, however, also be overwhelming and you might be unsure whether you can create a beautiful space when the square footage is limited.

Never fear! While you may need to be savvy with spatial planning, the possibilities to make your apartment stylish are endless. Size isn't the be-all and end-all.

Below, we're sharing nine apartments we've featured in The Makers home tour series. Each is filled with creative ideas on how to style your petite space whether you're a neutral or color lover, a minimalist or maximalist fan.

Brigette Muller's Dreamy Brooklyn Rental

You'd never guess her apartment was in bustling Brooklyn. Content creator Brigette has adopted a French, old-world aesthetic, layering each room with thrifted vintage pieces, Facebook Marketplace finds, and neutral tones. She lives solo and has created a sanctuary that makes her cozy and comfortable. "I want my space to feel calm, beautiful, and romantic."

All-white floors and walls allow for vintage paintings, chandeliers, and timber furniture to shine. Each space is further elevated with gold accents from picture frames, fixtures, mirrors, and furniture legs. High ceilings and plenty of natural light are a luxury to have in New York City and keep the home feeling airy, bright and in keeping with the French provincial vibe.

Take a tour of Brigette's Brooklyn rental.

Skinfluencer Emma Hoareau's London flat

Beauty blogger Emma's space is decidedly British, but has that unfussy Parisian edge we all covet – sensual, refined, and chic. It blends elements of cottagecore interiors with mid-century pieces. The result is a warm and charming space; one that you immediately feel welcome in as soon as you step through the door. It’s beautiful, feminine, sentimental, and ever-changing, just like the multi-faceted content creator herself.

Take a tour of Emma's London flat.

Ed Hansen's Neutral-Toned Inner-City Apartment

Interior designer Ed has swathed his space in a calming palette of creams and whites punctuated by charcoal tones. A materials palette of timber, marble, and linen brings in natural elements and plenty of texture. And while it all looks perfectly put together, it's also deeply personal and filled with meaningful pieces he's collected over the years. From the trio of old photography cameras from his grandmother, mother, and himself, to his own photographic artworks hanging on the walls, there are hints of Ed throughout.

Take a tour of Ed's inner-city apartment.

Sam Riles’ Chic Beachside Apartment

Photographer Sam called upon award-winning design studio Arent&Pyke, founded by principals Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke, to help layer her apartment with their signature warm, chic style.

The living area has been coloured with gentle pink and terracotta tones and styled with elegant curved furniture. This light-filled space is connected via fluted glass doors to a charming guest area with a built-in single bed and timber cabinetry. The curve motif carries through to the kitchen where a rounded marble island takes centre stage. A brass rangehood adds a glamorous touch to the space.

In the primary bedroom, wicker wall sconces from Paris flank the bed that's clad in earthy Olive Stripe, Terracotta, and Oatmeal linen.

Take a tour of Sam's beachside apartment.

Loui Burke’s Melbourne Apartment Is a Zen Oasis

Interior stylist Loui's zen space presents a successful homage to wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in the imperfect. The building’s industrial warehouse design is warmed up by an aesthetic which features neutral tones and a materials palette of timber, jute, linen, and hammered brass. “What lacks in colour, I like to think I make up for in texture,” he says.

Large paper lanterns hang from the high ceilings in the living areas and bedroom, further playing into the Japanese-inspired style. The primary bedroom is swathed in calming Mineral & Fog linen which helps transform it into the ultimate zen retreat.

Take a tour of Loui's Melbourne Apartment

Lia Townsend's Monochrome Apartment

Grazing table stylist and Stories to Gather founder Lia's eye for detail extends to her home's chic interior which utilises a layered, neutral colour palette. "I keep the main pieces in the home neutral so I can style them with different accessories as my style shifts," she says.

The current look is minimal and deftly blends contemporary and classic décor. In the open-plan living and dining room, upholstered seating in the form of a white linen sofa and dining banquette bench keeps things classic and comfortable while contemporary artworks, including a piece by Caroline Walls, add a modern edge. Timber flooring carries throughout the apartment perfectly offsetting the white walls and bringing a sense of warmth to the home.

Take a tour of Lia's monochrome apartment.

Olivia Molly Rogers’ Colorful Melbourne Apartment

Olivia has been able to create a space that reflects her hobbies, interests, and interior style. Her open-plan, two-bedroom apartment is bright, playful, and inviting, just like the former Miss Universe Australia herself.

Nodding to Danish interiors and eclectic minimalism, Olivia has injected her home with playful bursts of colour through her curated selection of homewares and art she has created herself. Her home can be seen as an ode to independence, a place she has made unapologetically her own after living with a partner.

Take a tour of Olivia's colorful Melbourne apartment.

Nam Vo’s "Glowy" Loft Apartment in New York City

The pandemic was one of the driving forces behind Nam investing in a home that she loves and can comfortably work in. As a makeup artist, plenty of natural lighting was a must and the large arched window in the open-plan living/dining area keeps her New York City apartment looking fresh and inviting. The ultra-stylish living room is perhaps the star of the loft with its luxurious marble tables and curved boucle sofas. 

From the flooring to the walls, everything is swathed in warm neutral shades. The dialled-down palette combined with curvaceous furniture and decor creates a look that's utterly soothing and acts as a calming retreat and workspace.

Take a tour of Nam Vo's loft apartment.

Maxine Wylde’s Maximalist Melbourne Apartment

Our homes and how they are styled are said to be extensions of our personalities, and that sentiment couldn’t be more true for Maxine’s maximalist apartment in Melbourne. “I am a maximalist at heart, so I couldn't pick just one aesthetic," Maxine told Bed Threads Journal.

When stepping into any room of her apartment, a statement is made. Whether it’s the rubescent bedroom which proudly displays her bedding set of Cacao and Lavender or her dining room which houses one of her favourite pieces in the home: a cobalt blue dining table, custom made by a furniture maker in Melbourne who goes by the name of @chair_boi, the one of a kind piece was designed by Maxine herself.

Take a tour of Maxine Wylde's maximalist apartment.

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