These Are the Only 7 Items You Should Have in Your Bedroom

Priorities shift once you become an adult, like maintaining a regular sleep pattern and desperately trying to keep your houseplants alive. Or maybe that's just me. Well, one thing we can all agree on is that your bedroom becomes a really important part of your daily life once you finally accept that you're a grown-up. Now's the time to invest in long-lasting items to make your personal space as comfortable and convenient as possible, even if interior styling isn't necessarily your forte. If you're putting off transitioning into a more adult bedroom set up because you're worried it'll eat into your savings, you can rest assured that the items on this necessities list don't have to cost you a fortune. They will, however, elevate your bedroom and make coming home after a long day in the office feel like a holiday.

1. A great mattress

This is without a doubt one of the most vital aspects that can play a major part in the quality of your sleep and therefore your entire life. You're not going to be racing out to swap your mattress any time soon, so it's a bedroom purchase that you'll want to get right the first time. Take a bit of time to test out a few different options to figure out what's most comfortable for you before committing to anything.

2. Quality sheets

Are we biased? Possibly, but there's so much scientific evidence out there that your quality of sleep is pivotal to your health and wellbeing. Beautifully-made, soft sheets (like ours) are a great place to start on the quest for the perfect night of sleep. They're moisture-wicking, breathable and buttery-soft so you'll feel cool in summer and cosy in winter.

3. A sturdy bed frame

Beds are a regular topic for conversation in the Bed Threads office as we're all in the process of adding pieces to our homes that suit our style and stage of life. While a mattress on the floor might suffice for now, you're going to want to elevate your bed (literally). Think about whether you'd like extra storage under the bed, if you like the look of a bedhead, and how much space you have to play around with. All of these factors will help you to narrow down your options so you can begin some window shopping.

4. Full-length mirror

Maybe you're already fortunate enough to have a mirrored built-in in your bedroom which is perfect for making the space feel huge and directing natural light around. If not, you should definitely pick one up. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to catch a glimpse of your entire outfit in your bathroom mirror only to have your shoes cut off completely. They're also super-stylish and can give the impression of more space when placed strategically.

5. Plants

Need to give your bedroom a boost of energy and life? Plants are always the answer. It doesn't matter whether you're a cacti person or more of a monstera lover, a potted plant (or five) are the perfect decor addition to your boudoir and give you a natural connection to the outdoors as well. Just be sure to take note of their sunlight and water needs so that you don't end up with a depressing bunch of brown leaves in your personal sanctuary.

6. A print

Again, keeping things simple and affordable is the best way to go when you're just starting to put together your bedroom properly. You'd be surprised how effective just one print hung on the wall to break up the white space can be in giving your bedroom a designer feel that'll make you appear very grown-up. If you're unable to use hooks on your walls, unframed prints stuck to the wall in a small group works, too.

7. A rug

Yep, a rug is a bedroom necessity. It instantly adds an element of style and comfort at the same time, and all of your friends will want to copy once they see how effective it is. Aim to have the rug be slightly wider than your bed frame with half of the rug under the bed and the rest creating a nice place for your feet to land in the morning at the foot of the bed.

Make sure you read our tips on turning your tiny bedroom into a spacious sanctuary.

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