The accounts that inspire me and bring value to my feed.

| By Ellen Badake | Entertainment

I’m Bed Threads’ Art Director and These Are My Favourite Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

The accounts that inspire me and bring value to my feed.

As someone who works in the world of design as the art director of Bed Threads, I'm constantly seeking artistic inspiration and creative ideas. One platform I like to turn to on a daily basis is Instagram. It's a beacon of stunning photography and design ideas and a fantastic source of visual inspiration.

Not only is it a great tool for me to share my own portfolio, but I'm regularly on the platform scrolling through my feed, which is filled with accounts that I follow for endless design inspiration. It's a great way to see new work, keep up-to-date with trends, and also bring me joy!

From graphic designers to florists, I've collated a list of 10 of my favorite accounts that I consider to be some of the most inspiring, interesting, and forward-thinking creatives on the social media platform.

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