Here's how to get that effortlessly chic French provincial style.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

8 French Style Lessons We Learned from Lisa Danielle's Farmhouse

Here's how to get that effortlessly chic French provincial style.

The undisputed nation of 'chic', there's a lot to learn from France when it comes to beauty and style. There's a certain je ne sais quoi that makes us swoon when we think of French design. One such aesthetic from the country we adore, is the French farmhouse/provincial style.

After a stint in Paris and Provence, content creator Lisa Danielle Green was inspired to build her dream house back home in Byron Bay. She worked with French architect Carole Huard, to conceive the estate of her – and our – dreams.

Characterised by the classic rustic and charming aesthetics of French farmhouse design, there's plenty to take away from this incredible home. We're sharing the French style lessons we learned from touring her home in our editorial franchise, The Makers.

1. You can't have enough natural materials

Natural, rustic elements are central to French provincial design, and Lisa's home celebrates them in spades. There's linen bedding in the bedroom, linen cushion covers on the sofa, jute rugs, natural limestone render on the walls, and rustic timber furniture throughout, all of which bring texture and beauty to the home.

2. Florals and greenery bring a home to life

Fresh flowers and potted plants, especially aromatic herbs such as lavender, are used to bring life and colour to French homes. Arm yourself with a pair of trusty secateurs and keep your eyes peeled for a roadside patch of wildflowers that will add a sense of whimsy and personality to your place, or start your own herb garden in terracotta pots.

3. Tall ceilings and a pitched roof bring the drama

One of the first things we noticed about this home is the height of the ceilings which gives it a sense of airiness and spaciousness. The use of pitched roofs in French farmhouse design contributes to the overall rustic and charming appearance of these homes and was also originally used as a practical element to shed heavy snowfall.

4. Embrace terracotta tiles for 'South of France' appeal

While interviewing Lisa, she shared how her architect suggested using terracotta, as it's a common material in the South of France. Reclaimed terracotta roof tiles were used to pave the bathroom floor, bringing warmth and a rustic element to the space.

5. Rustic/vintage furniture gives that stylish, old-worldly aesthetic

When you look at classic French style, there's almost always vintage furniture. This is because many of these pieces boast enduring and timeless designs. From the dark timber coffee table sitting in the living room to the woven chair in the bathroom, the furniture in this home looks vintage, rustic, and oh-so chic.

6. A warm colour palette brings cosy vibes

Each room in this home feels decidedly warm, which can be attributed to the chosen colour palette. From the walls to the soft furnishings, there are warm and earthy tones such as beige, cream, terracotta, lemon, and brass taking center stage. Even the fridge is a cream tone!

7. Install an apron-front farmhouse sink for country charm

A large, apron-front farmhouse sink sits proudly in the kitchen. This style of sink is a popular choice in French farmhouse kitchens, both for its practicality and aesthetic appeal. Apron-front skirts also exude French farmhouse charm and have become increasingly popular this past year.

8. Large French doors and grid windows bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors

The arched front French doors welcome you to Lisa's home and bring in abundant natural light. Combined with plenty of large, grid windows, it creates a strong indoor-outdoor connection that allows you to fully embrace nature.

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