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This Is How to Properly Care for Your 100% Flax Linen Sheets

Twice as durable as cotton, 100% French flax linen bedding will serve you well for years and years, if cared for properly. Even in 2020, product care for our sheets and linen bedding is simple. Flax has been cultivated and used to create textiles for thousands of years, and people were enjoying the benefits of linen long before the existence of washing machines and complex modern detergents. By following these few simple steps, you will ensure that your bedding remains fresh and vibrant for years to come, and continues to provide you with the optimal environment to rest your head each night.

How to wash flax linen

Wash your Bed Threads in lukewarm or cold water using a mild liquid detergent to protect the fibres. Avoid using detergents which feature colour brighteners as these formulas will weaken the fibres of your bedding and may discolour them. If you're unsure as to whether your detergent is appropriate, test it on a small area of the linen before washing the entire piece.

It's preferable to wash your linen in soft water. If your water is hard and has a high lime content, consider adding a softening agent, particularly when cleaning darker colours. You are able to machine wash your bedding but always remember to choose a gentle cycle and wash items of similar colour together and don’t overload your machine—the more water, the better as linen is highly absorbent.

Whether washing your linen by hand or by machine, always ensure that it is thoroughly rinsed in plenty of water to remove all traces of soap, detergent and residual soiling. This will prevent the formation of age spots which are caused by oxidation.

What about dry cleaning?

We recommend that you steer clear of dry cleaning your linen as the fibres may react negatively to some of the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process, and become weakened as a result.

How to dry flax linen bedding

Hang your linen sheets to dry naturally if you can, or machine dry on a cool setting. If you're using a tumble dryer, remove the bedding whilst it is still a little damp and hang it or lie it flat to complete the drying process.

Should I iron my sheets?

Great news! There’s no need to iron your flax linen bedding. The natural creases and crumples are what gives the fabric its unique character and relaxed yet refined feel. Many of the creases will smooth out once your linen is back on your bed, but if you prefer your sheets completely free of creases, you can achieve the look easily by ironing directly onto your bed while it's still a little damp using a steam iron on a moderate setting. 

How to store flax linen bedding

For freshness and longevity, always store your linen in a cool, dry place. Never store your bedding in plastic bags and when it is time to use them, air your sheets well before dressing your bed. All of our sheet and bedding sets are packaged in sustainable 100% flax linen storage sacks, which you can keep as a way of neatly storing your linen when it's not on your bed.

For more linen tips, discover the 6 best eco-friendly detergents to keep your sheets buttery-soft.


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