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From using plants as decor to bold pops of colour, these simple tips will give your space that retro-elegant Betty Draper flair.

| By Antonia Day | Interiors

7 Mid-Century Design Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom

From using plants as decor to bold pops of colour, these simple tips will give your space that retro-elegant Betty Draper flair.

If you – like us – fell in love with the retro set of Mad Men, or perhaps the breathtaking home from The Big Lebowski, then you – like us – are probably a fan of mid-century design.

Comprising beautifully crafted wooden furniture, bold pops of color, contrasting shapes, and lush foliage as decor, this interior design style is timeless in every sense of the word.

For those wanting to add a little mid-century mystique into their sleep space, we’ve put together a checklist for you to reference before you embark on your retro adventure.

So sit back (in your Eames armchair if you have one), relax (with a highball glass in your hand), and read ahead to find out how you can elevate your bedroom – the mid-century way.

1. Start with a neutral color palette

Just like you would with a painting, treating your room as a blank canvas will create the perfect foundation for your mid-century sleep space. Stick to hues such as Oatmeal, Mineral, and White when selecting wall, floor, and curtain colors to let your furniture and decor shine.

2. Wooden furniture

Some of the most iconic furniture designs were products of the mid-century design era. From Parker credenzas, to Herman Miller armchairs, the common thread these pieces share is the material they're made from – good quality wood. Whether it's a teak bed frame or walnut stained bedside table, adding a touch of timber to your space will give your bedroom that classic MCM charm.

3. Add bold pops of color

We know we said it was all about a neutral palette... but that was just for the base of the room. When it comes to decor and accent pieces, adding vibrant pops of color is the key to bringing your mid-century space to life. Earthy shades such as Paprika, Turmeric, Rust, Terracotta, and Olive will give your bedroom the vintage flair you're looking for.

4. Plants make the best decor

When it comes to mid-century spaces, lush, green foliage is the ultimate room accessory. From the tropical Bird of Paradise to a classic Kentia palm, indoor plants lend an airy touch to otherwise moody mid-century interiors.

5. Illuminate your space with vintage lighting

Give the downlights a rest and illuminate your room with a funky vintage lamp. The mid-century era produced some of the most iconic lights which still influence modern designs today, so it only makes sense to light up your space with one.

6. Take geometry into account

When selecting furniture and decor for your bedroom, try to keep their shapes in mind. Are they curved? Are they jagged? Mid-century design is known for its sleek, clean lines mixed in with organic, natural curves. For example, if you have an angular teak bed frame, pair it with a cylindrical bedisde table.

7. Put practicality at the front of your mind

When selecting furniture for your bedroom, look for pieces which serve more than one purpose. From bed frames with shelving attached, to gooseneck lamps connected to side tables, mid-century furniture is not only fashionable, but functional, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space to play around with.

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