7 Small Kitchen Design Hacks to Maximize Your Tiny Space

Do you have a small kitchen? We’ve all been there. So many of us have rented apartments or homes that sacrificed space in the kitchen in favor of other rooms elsewhere. Tiny kitchens are very much a part of big city living these days, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make them work in your favour.

Having a less-than-large kitchen just means that you need to get more creative with your use of the space. Often, it comes down to storage tricks and hacks, a few gadgets that will make your life easier, and letting the light in.

7 Small Kitchen Design Hacks to Maximize Your Tiny Space 

1. Open shelves are your friend

Not enough space for cupboards or a pantry? No problem. Open shelving has become a major design trend in kitchens the past few years, which is great because they’re a great way to maximize wall space and use it as storage. Often, open shelves are a way of getting something on a wall when there’s not enough room for a full cabinet, but they are also a chic way of keeping all your gorgeous kitchenware on hand and easily accessible. Use the lower shelves to keep all your most frequently used items and higher, more difficult to reach shelves for the special occasion pieces. 

2. Use the wall space that you have

There are plenty of gadgets that can help you maximize what you do have when it comes to wall space. Magnetic strips can be affixed to the walls near your stove so that you can store knives and other utensils, or you can hang hooks on a blank bit of wall so that you can hang up bigger pots and pans  or even your tea towels and aprons.

3. Go high

Have you got empty space above your cupboards that you aren’t sure how to use? When in doubt, go for storage. This is a great place to keep everything that you don’t use often. Think: Christmas decorations or party supplies, specialty baking materials or other bits and bobs that are infrequently employed. You can buy some inexpensive wicker baskets with lids and label them so that you know where everything is, and store them up high above the cabinets. Empty space, no longer!

4. The chop

This is a trick for those of you who are struggling with bench space. A big chopping board, either cut to size to fit over your sink or large enough that it covers the space entirely, is a way to add more preparation area in your kitchen. Easily removable when you need to use the sink, it will give you just that extra bit of space when it comes to cooking and preparing, and can be easily and inexpensively bought from a hardware store or kitchen supply shop.

5. Cut back on the clutter

Small spaces are the enemy of clutter. If your kitchen benches are crowded with things  and likewise your pantry or cupboards  it will make the space feel even smaller. Spend a weekend organizing your kitchen, decanting pantry staples into matching labelled jars or containers to keep things neat behind closed doors. If you have to keep certain things out on the bench, try to go for a uniform look. In drawers, dividers will help keep everything in its place. The end result will be a kitchen that feels functional and, crucially, a little larger than the small space that it occupies.

6. Don’t forget the hidden storage potential

There are plenty of nooks, even in the tiniest of kitchens, that can be maximized for more storage or space. The top of your fridge is a great place for keeping alcohol and all your drinking essentials. An unused corner can be covered with hooks for hanging utensils. A little space between cabinets can be fitted with small shelves, which are perfect for storing spices. No matter how small, there’s always a way to use the space in a way that works for you.

7. Let the light in

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, light is always going to be your friend when it comes to tiny home spaces. The more light you can get into a small room, the bigger and airier it will feel. Have you got a window that is currently curtained over in your kitchen? Take that curtain down. Is storage blocking the only light source? Find a new place to store those boxes or utensils. Get as much light into the space as you can and see how much bigger it feels.

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