From color schemes to textural layering tips.

| By Nicole Kliest | Interiors

8 Stylish Dorm Rooms to Inspire a Makeover

From color schemes to textural layering tips.

In many ways, a dorm room can feel symbolic of entering a new stage in life. It’s the first ‘home’ outside of your family’s and an entry point into adulthood. The dorm room is, arguably, your first real opportunity to think about who you are as a person and how your taste manifests in a physical space. Of course, there will be many, many years ahead to develop these design sensibilities, so why not use this time to experiment and have fun with the (likely) very small amount of square footage that you’re working with?

Thankfully, giving your dorm room a makeover doesn’t require a massive budget. If you develop a vision, create a mood board, and decide which pieces you already own that can be used and which ones need to be added in, the process will go much smoother. Ahead, dive into eight stylish dorm rooms spotted on Pinterest that are sure to spark inspiration. See which aesthetics resonate best with your interests and use that as a springboard to kickstart your makeover.

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