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Why Linen Is a Sustainable Bedding Option

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Better in bed, better for the planet

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Linen FAQs

What is flax linen?

Flax linen is a plant-derived material that originates from flax or linum usitatissimum. Your sheets start life as a cellulose fiber in the stem of the flax plant (also known as a bast fiber) which is harvested before being spun into fabric. This process of recovering a fiber from the inner bark of a plant is similar to how we might extract hemp or rattan.

How is linen different to other fabrics?

Linen outperforms traditional manchesters in a number of respects. Boasting incredible tensile strength, it's more durable and hardwearing compared to cotton or wool. In fact, linen is one of the strongest natural fibres there is, approximately 30% thicker and stronger than cotton. Unlike machine woven cotton which can succumb to wear and tear over time, flax linen actually improves with age and benefits from a low maintenance approach to care–yes, that means no ironing or dry cleaning necessary.

Should I purchase my bedding as separates, sets, or bundles?

We offer a number of ways to shop our bedding. Looking to replace a sheet, valance, duvet cover or pillowcases? With separates you can update individual pieces, anytime. If you'd rather buy a few bedding items at once, our Bedding Sets are great for those who want a uniform color look and prefer sleeping without a flat sheet. On the other hand, Sheet Sets are often preferred by hot sleepers who don't use a duvet. But if you want the complete package, plus the option to customise your linen colors in any combination of your choosing, try our best value Bedding Bundles that come with an in-built 20% discount.

How is flax linen made?

Manufacturing flax linen is a labor of love; requiring time, attention and the ideal climate conditions to get right. It takes roughly 100 days from sowing the flax seed to harvest alone, and the flax plant is rather picky with where it grows, preferring the cool, damp soils of France, Belgium and the Netherlands (known as the Western Europe flax belt).

Linen is made when the woody bark surrounding the cellulose fibers (the good stuff that goes into your sheets) is decomposed to get to the useful part of the flax plant. It's then squeezed, dried, combed and spun; a process through which the stronger or longer flax fibers–called line or dressed flax–are separated from the weak–called stricks. This separation is important: the dressed flax will produce more luxurious, hardwearing linen—the kind that ensures your Threads will last years. Finally, these dressed flax fibers are spun and dyed to produce linen in all the hues you know and love.

Is linen sustainable?

Not only is linen one of these most luxurious and stylish fabrics, it's also one of the most eco-friendly. Made from flax plant fibers, this strong material is resilient and can grow in poor soil, using significantly less water during production than cotton or polyester. The entire linen crop is utilized and it is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resource (when made with eco-friendly dyes like the ones we use at Bed Threads), meaning it won't rot in landfill. Bed Threads also operates carbon neutral and utilizes plastic-free packaging, so you can feel good about your choice every time your head hits the pillow.

What is Bed Threads linen dyed with?

We use eco-friendly dyestuff across our entire range and are OEKO-TEX 100 certified (so, no nasty chemicals in your Threads). When a fabric is awarded a Standard 100 certification it means that it has been tested by OEKO-TEX for harmful substances such as formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, nickel and more, and declared safe for human use. Because we have been officially certified by OEKO-TEX, you can be confident that every single thread, button and fiber in our 100% French Flax Linen and 100% Mongolian Cashmere has been tested for over 100 harmful chemicals and substances.

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