10 Female Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram Right Now

Ahead of celebrating International Women's Day, Instagram offers an opportune way to discover and champion new global and homegrown female talent.

Below, we've curated a considered list of the 10 best female artists you should be following on Instagram right now. Hashtag trending—from your newsfeed scroll to next year's Art Basel's selection.


Based in Paris, French-born Inès Longevial's roots combine with Spanish influences from the masterworks of Pablo Picasso and Pedro Almodovar to present uniquely feminine works. A specialist in oil painting, Longevial's Instagram is littered with interesting portraits that fuse human physicality together with geometry to create something that is undeniably fresh and new.



Born in Buenos Aires but living and practising in New York, Conie Vallese is the multihyphenate painter cum sculptor you need to know about. Where her sculptures toy with the tangible and the real—human faces take expression on vase-like structures—her canvases give way to an aesthetic that is at times abstract and at others much more focused on the everyday object.



One half of Honey and Prue, Sydney and Melbourne-based Honey Long is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the nuances of femininity and their expressions across multimedia—be it performance art, photography or installation. Long's works jump out of her Instagram feed, probing audiences to question what they see and always providing the element of surprise amongst the inevitable monotony of food grams and throwback Thursdays.



If you haven't heard of Harley Weir already, consider this your call to Follow. A London-born photographer and director, Weir is the unabashedly female fashion photographer and filmmaker capable of producing evocative imagery that is equal parts beautiful as it is thought-provoking. With credits in iD and DAZED, clients like Calvin Klein and exhibitions around the world from Amsterdam to New York, Weir's work speaks for itself.



Paris-based Diane Dal-Pra is a painter slash art director with clients like Gucci and NicOtiNe. Boasting a near 7000-strong following, Dal-Pra is the talented portrait painter nobody knows about yet but already should. Colour and form reign supreme across Dal-Pra's canvasses, with interesting and meta references to technology and the selfie era abounding in her works. A conversation starter that will up your art ante and place you at the forefront of the contemporary scene.



Working out of Mexico, Ana Leovy's works are principally interested in the celebration of female diversity, with strong inflections from fashion and culture. Bold geometric shapes juxtapose facial expressions that—despite perceivable dismay or sadness—nevertheless exude a sense of happiness and warmth. The women of Leovy's canvases are feverish with confidence and charm, spreading a message of female empowerment that stretches beyond the frame.



Brooklyn-based Abbey Lossing is the illustrator perfectly capturing human experiences for the likes of the New York Times and Refinery29. Her works are as colourful as they are digestible to the art newbie and offer entrée into a cultural sphere that is too often pretentious or exclusive. For sociocultural commentaries and a clever use of primary colour palettes, look no further than Lossing.



Based in Sydney, Laura Jones is the oft-exhibited Australian female artist famed for her still life paintings of flowers. A florist turned artist, an aptitude for climate change and environmental care pervades Jones' work, actively informing the bases of her exhibitions. Jones' palettes strike a difficult balance between imagination and reality, deploying bright colours to paint bouquets that are equally resplendent in colour as they are in real life.



Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Eliza Gosse is the young up and coming female artist portraying Australian suburbia through an architectural lens. Gosse's works toy with flat dimensionality, a refined use of colour and a preoccupation with the home. Renowned English painter David Hockney comes to mind without compromise of the development of Gosse's own style—making her one to watch.



Australian-born, Los Angeles-based Palestinian artist Sarah Bahbah is another trailblazing female artist, writer and director to put on your radar ASAP. Evolving from a distinctive oeuvre of photo series with accompanying social commentaries and self-reflexive introspections, Bahbah has since gone on to work with celebrities like Dylan Sprouse, Noah Centineo and Kygo, with exhibitions in London and Los Angeles. Bahbah is the ultimate female artist for the Instagram age, fusing millennial angst with her unique art practice to gain fast admiration in and outside of the digital world.


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