From Crystal Grids to Ocean Therapy—These Are the 11 Wellness Trends We’ll Be Trying This Year

Finding the perfect balance of personal wellness is a constant experiment. We're often inundated by news outlets and social media accounts that claim to have the newest and most effective ways to lose weight, boost mood and generally improve our lives for the better. You've probably figured out by now that there is no magical solution that will fix everything, so experimenting with mindful daily practices that you enjoy is key to keeping your mind and body healthy. While every wellness trend won't appeal to every person, we've come across eleven predictions for 2020 that actually make a lot of sense and we're excited to incorporate into our lives this year. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Plant-based diet

Dry January isn't new. A lot of people are looking for a way at the start of the year to give their body a break from alcohol after a zealous holiday season. This year, a month-long plant-based "challenge" is making the rounds online as people dip their toes into a vegan diet that definitely made waves in 2019. I myself have recently moved towards a completely plant-based diet after watching The Game Changers on Netflix. Never felt better.

2. Mental health

There has never been more awareness around mental health issues than there is right now. There are even websites like The Indigo Project who make it super easy to match with a counsellor for support. There are apps and books and support lines that are there for those who need a helping hand through tough times. Mental health awareness will only grow in the coming year as individuals are beginning to prioritise their minds and emotional wellbeing.

3. Sun protection

Did you apply a moisturiser to your face this morning? Did it contain SPF? We've been seeing sun-safe messaging for decades now, especially around summertime. It's not just something to think about when you're swimming in the ocean, though; it's a daily commitment. We all know by now that excessive exposure to the sun can lead to melanoma and accelerated aging, so this is an important part of your wellness routine to get on top of this year.

4. Stretching

Simple, right? How many of us are actually taking the time to stretch our bodies to release tension and avoid injury? I didn't think so. For me, stretching is the first and most important part of any exercise regime and is non-negotiable. We're not teenagers anymore and our bodies need to be taken care of in different ways. 2020 is the year of stretching.

5. Tidying up

Maybe it's Marie Kondo or maybe it's just our overall move towards a more sustainable and health-focused lifestyle, but tidying up is going to continue to be a theme for the year. If you didn't know, cleaning actually makes you happier. It's not just about putting away mess before a visitor arrives, either. It's about decluttering for good and removing/donating/selling everything in your home that is not beneficial to your growth.

6. Lymphatic health

Jade rollers and gua-sha were brought to our attention in 2019, and it turns out that the benefits transcend the trend. Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins and unwanted materials. These tension-relieving practices are not only therapeutic but also beneficial in boosting blood circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage to prevent bloating.

7. Outdoor exercise

In 2020, we're looking at health and wellness in a holistic light. There are so many ways to stay on top of your personal health, and moving your body while outdoors ticks so many boxes. First of all, a connection to nature has been proven to be vital in humans. Plus, incorporating physical activity into that time spent outdoors will release endorphins and keep you feeling good. The best bit is not fighting over the last treadmill in peak hour.

8. Sustainable beauty

Like many other amazing brands, we're proudly free of plastic and are always looking for ways to improve and give back by offsetting emissions and donating a portion of sales to charities on your behalf. Most of us expect that now as a benchmark as we as a society look for ways to keep our planet sustainable. New and existing beauty brands will no doubt be looking to switch up their packaging to keep up with the times.

9. Off the grid getaways

I don't know about you, but switching off isn't as easy as it sounds. When you've got emails, Instagram and texts all literally in the palm of your hand, actually taking a break can seem near impossible. 2020's all about the quiet getaway. No Insta stories, no boomerangs, just tranquillity. Even Matthew McConaughey is on board with the movement in his newest collaboration with Australian company Unyoked. You can even book his cabin for the weekend.

10. Crystal grids

Crystal grids are 2020's answer to the goal planner. They allow you to manifest your desires, goals and intentions by placing your crystals in specific patterns and moon phases. Even if you're a sceptic, any time set aside to focus on what you'd like to achieve this week, month or year is time well spent.

11. Ocean therapy

What can't salt water cure? Bad day at work? Take a sunset swim. Stressed? Try a few laps at the rock pool. Humans have long had an innate connection to the sea, and being a Pisces myself, I gravitate towards the water in times of need. That feeling you get when you hope out of the water is like you've left all your worries behind and are ready to move on with less weight on your shoulders. Take advantage before the days become shorter once again.

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