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5 Reasons To Gift Our Bed Threads Candles This Christmas

Words by Jen Nurick

We could wax philosophic about candles. The stuff of heady scents and transformative energies—candles are the complementary accoutrements of bedside tables and beauty shelves we envy on Instagrams everywhere. Yet belonging to the family of finer things in life, we know as well as you do that candles are as luxurious to burn as they can be indulgent to buy—making our Bed Threads candles the ultimate affordable gifts this Christmas.

Perfected over 30 trials, our bespoke, hand-poured and Australian-made candles are the ideal stocking stuffer that will please your loved ones without breaking the bank. Burned individually or together, our Spiced Pear & Oak and Fireside offerings will follow your nose with festive spirit and prolong the merry season well into the New Year, with each boasting 55 hours of burn time.

Where Spiced Pear & Oak sings through an amalgam of smoked oak, cedar and spiced pear, with top notes of apple and honeycrisp, Fireside returns you to the woodsy outdoors, reminiscent of the olfactory experience of a campfire. As if you need any more convincing, here are 5 reasons to give you the proverbial push you need to click to purchase.

Candles uplift your mood

An easy way to create a cosy atmosphere or cool ambience, candles are the optimal solution to refresh a room’s energy and induce calm. Burn Fireside for a romantic and intimate dinner setting, or keep Spiced Pear & Oak lit at your bedside to help unwind before you hit the pillow.

Candles can improve your self-care

Candles have been proven to relieve anxiety and alleviate feelings of depression—at least momentarily. Couple your self-care routine with a candle to maximise your chances of relaxation or pack one in your luggage to burn in a hotel room that doesn’t feel quite homey.

Candles complement your meditation

To curb distraction and help you to enter a peaceful zone, consider lighting one of our Bed Threads candles to complement your meditation practice. Focus on the light emitted from the flame to shut out the external world and concentrate on the breath, while taking in the scents of cedar or honeycrisp simultaneously.

Candles enrich your home décor

While we are firm believers that the cornerstone of any bedroom is the bed—which can be spotlighted easily with any of our many beautiful colourways—no sleeping quarters are complete without outfitting the rest of the room. Hanging art can be expensive and difficult to source, and flowers inevitably die—candles, however, can help accentuate and decorate your space with ease. Brighten a dark corner and mimic natural light with the illumination of candles. These will help to soften tough or rigid spaces and personalise your home with your favourite scents.

Candles will crown you best gift giver this silly season

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, a candle strikes just the right balance between sentimentality, practicality and style. A gift fit for everyone, candles are the Christmas presents that will long outlast this festive holiday. Paired with our customisable bundles or gifted alone, our Spiced Pear & Oak and Fireside scents will set your gift apart—reminding your loved ones of you with each flicker of the flame.

Discover our new candles and colourways here.

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at

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