6 Tranquil Bedrooms Featuring Our Mineral Linen Sheets

When it comes to introducing calming tones into our bedrooms, it's hard to look past blue. It's a particularly great choice to turn to if you'd like to have some color in your sleep sanctuary but still want to create a serene atmosphere.

If you pursue this cooling color in your design choices, select a shade with grey or icy undertones like Mineral. The color’s associations with the ocean will deliver a soothing effect that's sure to promote a peaceful slumber. This shade has been designed to be mixed in seamlessly with our existing colors – try Fog, Lavender, or Sage – or style on its own.

To help inspire a blue makeover in your bedroom, we've rounded up six boudoirs that celebrate the tranquility of Mineral and can be recreated with our Build Your Own Bundle.

6 Tranquil Bedrooms Featuring Our Mineral Linen Sheets

1. Mineral & Fog

Mineral and Fog help to create a calming sanctuary in Edwina Bartholemew's luxury farmhouse retreat. The grey undertones in both linen colorways mean they work perfectly when paired together. The rest of the bedroom's decor has been kept to a minimum and features a predominantly white palette. The overall aesthetic makes it look as if you're floating in the clouds.

Recreate this look with Mineral and Fog in our Build Your Own Bundle.

2. Mineral & Sage

Everything in artist Zoe Young's cottage is curated according to her interior design creed of simplicity, efficiency and light. This is especially evident in her minimalist bedroom which features high ceilings, huge windows, white panelled walls, and calming linen choices. Mineral and Sage elegantly match the tones in her artwork above her bed.

Recreate this look with Mineral and Sage in our Build Your Own Bundle.

3. Olive & Mineral

There's a reason green and blue looks so beautiful together. When combined, they evoke images of nature which in turn creates a peaceful aesthetic that works so well in a bedroom. Simone Haag employed the two colors into one of the bedrooms within her relaxed beachfront weekender on Phillip Island. 

Recreate this look with Olive and Mineral in our Build Your Own Bundle.

4. Mineral & Lilac

Simplicity is key in Perth artist Rina Freiberg's ideal bedroom; a place of relaxation, free of clutter. "The bed must be dreamy. At the end of a day, all I wish is to climb into a cloud and be instantly transported to sleep," she explains. Here, she has opted for Mineral and Lilac for an elegant and alluring display.

Recreate this look with Mineral and Lilac in our Build Your Own Bundle.

5. Mineral

Styled alone, Mineral will bring the ultimate peaceful vibe to your bedroom. It's the the perfect blend of greys and sea tones and evokes the tranquility of a still ocean pool; organic, cleansing, and ultra-fresh. The charming shell artwork is a smart styling choice that plays into the oceanic theme.

Recreate this look with Mineral in our Build Your Own Bundle.

6. Mineral & Sage

Co-founder of frank body Bree Johnson's home embraces a similar "clean" design ethos that the skincare company does, boasting a sleek aesthetic and natural tones. Here, in the breezy main bedroom, Mineral and Sage linen join forces to play into the subdued, coastal styling.

Recreate this look with Mineral and Sage in our Build Your Own Bundle.

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