7 Must-Have Winter Homewares

Winter gets a bad rap, doesn’t it? It’s all thanks to the fact that the second autumn transitions into winter, hanging at the beach or sipping a margarita on a rooftop bar suddenly become extreme sports. That freezing post-shower dash to put clothing on doesn’t really help winter’s case, either.

We understand the arguments, we really do, but can we please focus on the positives for a moment? Winter, chilly as it might be, gives us a whole new excuse for investing in cosy bed linen, beautiful artwork and comfy interiors. We’re saying yes to transforming our spaces into inviting bunkers to hibernate in until spring comes to the rescue. Here are 7 must-have winter homewares that are helping us do that.

Simple, serene artwork

We know, we know, art is subjective - but we reckon Melbourne-based artist Caroline Walls’ creations would please everyone. Using a monochrome and neutral palette, Caroline’s mellow, fluid masterpieces will bring a relaxed vibe to your space.

Wooden Bedside Tables

The most underestimated item in your bedroom? Your unassuming bedside tables. They’re the place you store your stack of pre-bed reads, candles, a nourishing lip balm and, of course, a glass of water for your midnight thirst. Seriously, we’d all be lost without our trusty bedside tables. Give your bedroom an update by injecting a little of that wintery log cabin aesthetic with some wooden bedside tables. These sturdy Matt Blatt Obie Side Table options ($349 each) will ensure you give your bedside tables the love and attention they deserve.

Fresh 100% French Flax linen sheets

Fresh bed linen should be on the top of your homewares wishlist. After all, bed is the only place we want to be when the mornings and evenings are dark and crisp. They key here? Picking bedding that’s both aesthetically pleasing (what’s the point of linen that’s not 'grammable, right?) and comfortable. Our 100% French Flax Linen Bedding Set in Olive (from $250) comes with two pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet, is our pick. The rich colour is what winter bedding dreams are made of and the high quality 100% French Flax linen regulates your temperature (so you’ll stay cosy in winter and cool when summer rolls around). Plus, it softens with every wash, is super durable and is anti-static and anti-bacterial. Need we say more?!

A textured vase

Nothing injects a dose of happiness to a room quicker than a spectacular cylindrical vase filled with fresh flowers. Choosing a vase, like Mud Australia’s Round Medium Vase ($147) in pale pink, will add dimension to any room thanks to its handmade quality. The irregularities in glaze and texture make each design one-of-a-kind.

A stylish home for coats

Give your guests somewhere stylish to hang their coats once you welcome them into your cosy home. This Freedom Sprout Coat Rack ($99) adds an inviting touch to any entryway. It’s way prettier than a pile of coats on your lounge, don’t you think? Plus, it’ll make getting out the door on cold mornings a much quicker affair.

Cosy Cashmere

Sure, electric blankets are brilliant when you first lift up your toasty covers and hop into bed. However, three hours later when you’re drenched in sweat, they don’t seem like such a good idea. That’s why this winter we’re opting for cosy cashmere blankets thrown over our duvet for added warmth - like this grey Master Blanket ($350) from Australian brand, PHILÉ. Cashmere is super breathable, which means it’ll keep you cosy in cold weather and breezy in summer. Plus, its soft enough to not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin - no scratchy texture here.

A rug your cold feet will love

Placing your feet onto chilled floorboards is up there on our list of Things That Annoy Us About Winter, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Picking a snug rug will not only make your feet content, it’ll up the cosiness levels of any room, too. This Armadillo & Co Sierra Weave Rug in Pumice ($1680) is the perfect hue to slot in seamlessly with any bedroom or living room colour scheme.

Now that we’re on the topic, here are 7 easy ways to update your home in winter and, according to Pinterest, these are six of the trends heading to an interior near you this season.

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