8 Fresh Linen Color Combinations to Try This Spring

One of the most simple and effective ways to freshen up your home for spring is to introduce a beautiful new linen color combination to your bedroom. There’s nothing quite like the onset of this blossoming season to improve our mood and boost our energy. It's the perfect time for deep cleaning, organizing, and switching things up. 

Perhaps you’ve got your tried and tested color pairings locked down but are looking for something new? We recommend taking stock of your linen cupboard and having a think about new pairings that could herald in this fresh season and elevate your interiors.

Here are a few suggestions for mixing and matching your linen to freshen up your bedroom this spring.

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8 Fresh Linen Color Combinations to Try This Spring

1. Mineral and Lilac

Launched earlier this year, Lilac is one of our favourite new shades. It’s fresh, floral, and totally soothing to the eye, pairing well with almost all of our Bed Threads linen colors. One particular pairing that we love, and that could be the spring change up that you need in your life, is Mineral and Lilac. We adore the sweetness of Lilac contrasted against the soothing hue of Mineral - a pared-back blue that evokes the tranquility of a still ocean pool. These two shades are light and airy and perfect for balmy spring evenings.

2. Limoncello and Peach

This utterly sweet pair is playful yet sophisticated and will bring brightness to any bedroom. The look delivers a fresh and warm aesthetic, and celebrates our new colorway Limoncello, a perfectly pale yellow, complemented by Peach, a punchy, vibrant, sweet shade of pink.

3. Pink Clay and Terracotta

We love our pink-toned hues here at Bed Threads. You’ll find variations that range from Pink Clay and Lavender through to Terracotta and Peach. For a warm, rosy theme we recommend pairing Pink Clay with Terracotta. Together, these cheery shades will infuse your space with a cozy and earthy energy.

4. Olive Stripe and Sage

Lean into spring with our brand new Olive Stripe shade that's a rich, deep green shade spliced through with a light-hued pinstripe. It’s chic and elevated, and makes for a gorgeous spring look when paired with Sage. Pairing these hues together is like sleeping on a field of grass under the stars. 

5. Lavender and Lilac

We keep coming back to Lilac for its pretty and inviting aesthetic. We’ve often paired it with contrasting hues like Sage or Mineral but it also pairs delightfully with the warmth of Lavender. When paired together, these washed out shades evoke images of warm summer sunsets. 

6. Turmeric and Peach

Turmeric is a staple shade in the Bed Threads family. We know so many of you love the punchiness of this yellow hue and how great it looks when paired with any color in our range. That includes Peach one of our newest release shades, an apricot-inspired pinky-orange, that makes for a gorgeous partner to Turmeric. Come spring, many of us want to sleep in a bed that is bright and vibrant, and the pairing of Turmeric with Peach is exactly that.

7. Mineral and Fog

For laidback minimalists, there’s no better pairing than Mineral and Fog. This timeless combination makes for a great update for those who favor a simple monochromatic color palette and sees our beloved grey-blue Mineral hue paired elegantly with the classic light grey of Fog.

8. Sage and White

The ultimate light and fresh combo, Sage and White injects any space with a calming feel. Sage is an elevated light green hue that nods to both retro style and contemporary design, and White is a classic that you'll turn to time and time again.


Shop all the above color combinations with our fully-customizable Build Your Own Bundle function.

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