These 7 Decor Hacks Will Instantly Boost Your Mood, According to a Psychologist

According to psychologist Vanessa Staub from The Be Well Collective, your home and the interior spaces you spend your time in can have a huge impact on your mood, and certain elements or items in your home can even help to alleviate anxious thoughts and promote an overall feeling of calm. We've previously covered the topic of cleaning and happiness, so we know how beneficial keeping your rooms clutter-free and draped in natural light can be. For more ways to boost your mood at home this week, we asked Vanessa to provide us with a few super simple tricks that anyone can implement.

1. Maximise natural light

Vanessa's first tip is to "maximise natural light and to open up all the blinds in your house as as soon as you wake up." Exposure to sunlight is important for regulating mood and keeping your circadian rhythms regular, and receiving enough natural light can actually help you to feel calmer at home. If you're working from home, set yourself up in a position with lots of light to keep you feeling alert and bright.

2. Open your windows

Another important and simple step is to let fresh air circulate throughout your home. Vanessa encourages us all to "take some deep breaths and breathe in the fresh air! Breath work is great for calming the brain and nervous system".

3. Get organised

Step one: make your bed. Step two: put items away after you use them. Always have a place for important items such as your keys, wallet and phone so you know exactly where to find them when you need them to avoid rushing around your house. As well as that, Vanessa adds that we should all "try to clean up as you go—waking up to and coming home to a clean, organised house is a lot more calming than arriving to mess and clutter".

4. Dim the lights

When the sun goes down each evening, dim the lights in your house and make it a habit to put phones and laptops away and start winding down with a book or by listening to music. "Our brains can have difficulty producing the adequate melatonin levels required for sleep if we are exposed to bright lights at night", Vanessa tells us. Once you practice this step enough you'll have created a peaceful nightly routine you'll look forward to.

5. Choose what soothes you

"Think about the colours, sounds and images that soothe you", she suggests for creating a calming home. Introduce those into your home in your furnishings, artwork, and even the background music you play. Vanessa adds that "scents can also invoke a feeling of calm, so use essential oils in a diffuser or scented candles to feel relaxed at home".

6. Blackout blinds

Installing blackout blinds in your bedroom can help to reduce the glare of street lights and noise from the road which will help you to drift off, stay asleep throughout the night and minimise waking too early, according to Vanessa. A great nightly routine with enough quality sleep will not only boost your mood but help your entire body to function at its optimal level.

7. Plants, plants, plants!

Vanessa's final tip for boosting the mood at home is that "being surrounded by nature has a calming effect and house plants can even help improve your air quality at home". If space permits, consider installing a water feature in your outdoor space—listening to the sound of water flowing can help induce a state of relaxation. If your outlook is less than inspiring, plant some greenery outside your window to instantly achieve a leafy vista. If you consider yourself somewhat of a green thumb, she adds that "gardening can be a great relaxing activity and you're also getting in some exercise and moving your body which is great for your mental health".

If you are concerned about your health, wellbeing or sleep, your first port of call should be your GP, who will advise a correct treatment plan.

If you need to speak to someone, the following hotlines are available to help you. In an emergency, always call 000.

13 11 14

Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636

1800 650 890

Kids Helpline
1800 55 1800

To find out more about Vanessa, follow her on Instagram.

For more tips on boosting your mood, read how to self-regulate your nervous system, according to a yoga teacher.

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