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Every Interior Designer Knows These Simple Bedroom Decor Hacks

Bedrooms can be hard to nail, that's for sure. Unless you're blessed with a master suite with room to move, most of our bedrooms are tight on floor space and require some thought to make them comfortable spaces we actually want to retreat to at the end of the day. The good news is that no matter how tiny your bedroom is, we've got the decorating hacks that have the power to totally overhaul your space in the space of an afternoon.

The perfect layout

This step sounds simple but is worth taking some time to think about to see if there's a better way to orientate your furniture to maximise space and flow throughout the room. For example, windows and doors should remain clear, and it's always ideal to have your bed as the first thing you see when you walk in as opposed to a blank wall. If your bedside tables are too bulky, consider removing one or swapping them for a streamlined version. You want to feel cosy, but not cramped.


One of the easiest ways to turn your bedroom into the master retreat that you deserve is by implementing some symmetry. For example, matching lamps and a piece of statement artwork that is placed in the centre of your bed will immediately feel more mature and put together. A floor rug is also a great way to ground your bed and add an extra element of balance.

Tone on tone

Whether you're drawn to warm ochres and yellow tones or you like to keep it cool with pale blues and sage hues, working within that family of colours is a great way to add variation and interest for the eye but also keep things low-key and curated. You can achieve this through scatter cushions, blankets, artwork and of course, your bed linen.

Old and new

We're always drawn to interiors that have a certain personality and soul about them. They usually feature unique vintage pieces mixed with modern elements that work so well together to create a bespoke and personalised aesthetic. If you're on a budget, mix IKEA classics with thrift store bargains (here's how to find them).

Moody colour

Deep colours can be a big risk when decorating and are often overlooked in the bedroom as well. We believe that moody colours are the perfect way to create a calm and restful space at home where you can catch some quality zzz's. Whether it's a feature wall or your sheets, go bold to make a cosy retreat for yourself.

Go vertical

When you can't go across, go up! A great tip for anyone who's lacking space in the bedroom is to consider the height of your ceilings and use them to your advantage. By drawing the eye up with lighting, mirrors or wall art, you're instantly giving the illusion of space which will help it to feel more lofty and grand. Tip: hanging plants work well, too!

Inside out

It's no secret that we're obsessed with houseplants. We're still working on our green thumbs but love to use our collection of indoor plants to decorate at home, including the bedroom. Plants and greenery are a simple way to promote a peaceful environment and give yourself the opportunity to wake up to your very own indoor jungle each morning.

We're obsessed: the Swedish interior decor accounts we can't get enough of right now.

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