9 Dreamy Bedside Table Design Ideas to Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary

It goes without saying that when it comes to bedroom design, one of the most useful items to have is a bedside table. A good bedside table should complement your lifestyle, providing extra storage if you need it, or a surface for your reading light.

But this convenient nightstand isn't just the perfect place to keep your bedtime essentials. A beautiful design can make a room look more put together and enhance the overall aesthetic. It also acts as a stage for a stylish lamp and any beautiful decor you may want to have on show.  

We've rounded up a selection of bedside table ideas that showcase various nightstand designs and ways to style them in your own sleep sanctuary.

9 Bedside Table Design Ideas 

1. Floating design 

If your room is on the petite side, a floating bedside table like this timber design is a great option. Because a floating design doesn't take up floor space, it helps create the illusion of your room being larger than it actually is. Teaming this with a wall-mounted lamp so that you have an extra surface area to place things is another smart design move for smaller homes.

2. Clean and clear

In web designer Puno Puno's warehouse home, she uses a clear plinth as her bedside table. This design is unique and brings an almost gallery like element to her bedroom. The transparent design is also a great option for smaller rooms as it doesn't interrupt your line of sight but still allows you to put a few bedtime essentials at an appropriate height next to your bed. 

3. Rustic chic

A nightstand look that has become increasingly popular in bedrooms is tree stump stools. If you don't want to purchase something new this idea is an easy and economical way to upcycle tree stumps. It will bring a natural and rustic look to your space and inject it with a bit of character. Take inspiration from the main bedroom in Lynda Gardeners luxury barn retreat.

4. Mid-century magic

Another style that's incredibly popular at the moment is anything in the mid-century category. This charming design in Polina Meshkova's bedroom features a distinctly mid-century piece with its timber design, angled legs, and rattan drawer. We love the sweet flower arrangement that ties in with the Sage and White linen.

5. Mismatched

There's no rule in design that says you need have two of the same bedside tables. If you'd like to make your room look a bit more creative, or you simply cannot decide between two designs, why not get both? We recommend sticking with designs that keep with the color scheme of your room, as showcased in artist Bobby Clarke's boudoir, to avoid it looking chaotic.

6.  Vintage beauty

If you're looking to add some vintage charm to your bedroom, a bedside table is probably the easiest way to do it. This dark timber design in artist Zoe Young's rustic Bowral home is a beautiful example of how an older piece can add an elegant touch to a space and enhance the overall vintage aesthetic. Styled with a vintage lamp and small gilded frame, this bedside design is utterly charming.

7. Wonderfully wavy

Curves are still in and those looking to embrace the trend should opt for designs like this three-legged, light timber table. Elegantly dressed with a pleated lamp, flower arrangement and candle, it's a stylish set-up that looks visually interesting while remaining quite minimalist. 

8. European flair 

In keeping with the European theme that pervades her artworks and apartment, Madeline Jovicic has opted for a white column-style bedside table that is reminiscent of the pillars used in Greek and Roman architecture. 

9. Curved cane

Another space embracing the curve trend, this voluptuous bedroom designed by Josh and Jenna Densten features soft shapes in everything from the headboard to the sizeable cane bedside table which has been elegantly styled with neutral art objects.


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