Bring a little art gallery aesthetic into your home.

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7 Art Books to Make Your Coffee Table Truly Shine

Bring a little art gallery aesthetic into your home.

Even the most minimalist of living rooms will feel incomplete without at least one stunning coffee table book resting atop the coffee table. It's true – books can be a highly effective décor element when it comes to styling your living room, which is just one of the reasons we love collecting art books.

Not only does a good coffee table book offer the occasional precious moment or two away from the many screens that typically hold our attention all day, but it will also elevate the style of any room by just being there and provide plenty of inspiration.

Brains and beauty? That's what it's all about. Here are 7 art books that will make your coffee table truly shine.

6. Moon Signs by Narayana Montufar

A gift that any aspiring astrologer or astrological lover will be over the moon with, Moon Signs is a fun and approachable guide that shows you how to read and interpret your lunar journey. Written by one of Vogue magazine's astrologers to watch, Narayana Montúfar, this book explores the lesser-known part of your astrological chart and what it means for your life's journey.

7. Assouline Palm Beach by Aerin Lauder

Written by Palm Beach local and social fixture Aerin Lauder, this beachy tome welcomes you into the luxurious enclave of this resort town from the spectacular houses to the restaurants and designer boutiques. With its stylish cover, this book is sure to make a beautiful (and conversation-starting) statement in any living room.

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