Everyone on Instagram Is Obsessed With These Houseplants Right Now

Houseplants have become a beautiful (and very necessary) part of any home, no matter how small or grand. Even the most humble of studio apartments can be brought to life again with the addition of a few green varieties scattered around or grouped for effect. While some of us are born with less of a green thumb than others, learning about your plant babies and taking responsibility for their wellbeing can be really rewarding. Houseplants are similar to interior décor in that they seem to move in trendy cycles depending on the season and what our fave design mags are doing at the time. So, which houseplants have well and truly knocked the fiddle leaf fig of its perch? We've rounded them all up below.

Kaizuka tree


Houseplants, when carefully curated, can form the basis that an entire interior design scheme is built upon. Take the Kaizuka tree, for example—its deep green foliage and sculptural form can't help but demand attention and helps a room to feel grand and worldly, no matter where you are.

String of pearls


True to the name, string of pearls is a dainty houseplant variation with a slim stem and small green spherical balls that are perfect for that trailing aesthetic that is so popular right now. This bright green succulent looks incredible placed high on a shelf, especially in a bathroom or room that needs some pizazz.

Variegated monstera


Monstera deliciosa aka the Swiss cheese plant has given the fiddle leaf a huge run for its money in recent years to become the overall hero of the indoor plant world. What's new though is this incredible variegated variation with patterns and shades of green that make it stand out and take centre stage in any room of the house.

Bird of paradise


The tropical vibe is super on trend right now, what with everyone jet-setting around the Mediterranean right now and all. Super lush yet elegant, the bird of paradise plant or strelitzia is a striking focal point that is worth planting just to catch a glimpse of that iconic and exotic bright orange and lavender flower.

Cornstalk dracaena


This OG indoor plant option is pretty straightforward when it comes to care—keep the soil moist and in a position with filtered sunlight. There are heaps of different variations of this plant, some taller and some with stripes on their leaves. Pick up a low maintenance dracaena to keep your home cool and calm this summer.

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