20 Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Make Your Feed a More Positive Place

It’s no secret 2020 was tough for everyone. The unexpected changes brought forth by COVID-19 tested our perspectives in all areas of our lives as we were forced out of our norms and comfort zones.

But there was a silver lining amongst all the chaos: we ended the year - and kicked off 2021 - more in-tune with our mental health, perhaps greater than ever before. 

So, how do you use this glass-half-full mentality to your ultimate advantage going forth? 

One tactic is to do a social media detox and start following the best mental health pages on the social media platform. Sure, Instagram is known for its glamorous filters and #instaworthy grams, showcasing only the best of people’s lives. But behind the glitz and glamour of sparkly feeds, there are golden communities filled with people supporting one another through their mental health journeys. 

Here, we’ve rounded up the 20 best mental health Instagram accounts you need to start following that will help ease anxiety and stress, and instead make you feel inspired and valued with every scroll. 

20 best mental health Instagram accounts to follow ASAP

1. Laura Jane Illustrations 

Instagram handle: @laurajaneillustrations

This page is filled with bright and colorful words of affirmations guaranteed to make you smile. 


2. Miss Mental Kim

Instagram handle: @miss_mental0

It's all about self-development and positive vibes on this psychologist's page. 


3. Yung Pueblo 

Instagram handle: @yung_pueblo

Mediator, writer, and speaker Yung Pueblo shares his own inspiring quotes daily to help his 1.1 million followers (yes, million) navigate through life with a cup half-full mentality.


4. Quotes by Christie

Instagram handle: @quotesbychristie

Christie posts original illustrations in bold texts that encourage a positive relationship with mental health. If a post really jumps out at you, you can purchase it as a print, sticker, tote or even phone case via her online shop. 


5. Whitney Goodman

Instagram handle: @sitwithwhit

The psychotherapist posts expert mental health and relationship advice. But her biggest health tip? Prioritize self-care. 


6. Amber Rae

Instagram handle: @heyamberrae

The bestselling author of Choose Wonder Over Worry fills her Instagram feed with friendly mental health reminders and captions her posts with her own advice on dealing with stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk.


7. My Therapist Helps

Instagram handle: @mytherapisthelps

Sometimes laughter is the best form of self-care, right? Well, the team behind Insta-famous meme page @mytherapistsays are here to help you find happiness in even the darkest of times. 


8. Dear My Anxiety 

Instagram handle: @dearmyanxiety

If your diary could write back to you, this account would be a near accurate reflection.



9. We’re Not Really Strangers

Instagram handle: @werenotreallystrangers

One of the most recognized mental health pages on Instagram, We're Not Really Strangers is an account filled with original illustrations that encourages a positive relationships with yourself, regardless of other people's opinions. 


10. Melissa Webb

Instagram handle: @mellow.doodles

If pink is one of your favorite colors, this mental health illustrator's account is for you. 


11. Alexander den Heijer 

Instagram handle: @purposologist

No fancy filters, texts, or lighting. Just important mental health quotes and affirmations with equally as powerful captions. Sometimes simple really is better.  


12. Sarah Crosby 

Instagram handle: @themindgeek

Psychotherapist Sarah Crosby reminds us that mental health struggles are normal - even professionals need help sometimes. 


13. Conscious Conversations 

Instagram handle: @consciouscoversations__

Are you a fan of the We're Not Really Strangers page? Think of this account as its sister - or brother. 


14. Joshua Fletcher 

Instagram handle: @anxietyjosh

Joshua Fletcher is a self-described "Anxiety Disorder Nerd". Need we say more? 


15. Dr Emma Hepburn 

Instagram handle: @thepsychologymum

The Clinical Psychologist puts the fun in learning about invisible struggles like mental illnesses via cute and quirky original illustrations. 


16. Jess Sharp

Instagram handle: @jessracheksharp

Jess Sharp shares gentle encouragements for those difficult days. 


17. Sophia Short

Instagram handle: @sophia.joan.short

She describes herself as "a human writing things to brighten your day" - and she definitely lives up to this posting motivational quotes on her own photography. 


18. Dani DiPirro

Instagram handle: @positivelypresent

Dani's illustrations are the reminder of how helpful it can be to share your thoughts and ask for help. 


19. Matilda

Instagram handle: @crazyheadcomics

Instagram allows us to connect with others and feel less alone, and that's exactly what Matilda and her 446k (and counting) followers are there for. 


20. What Is Mental Illness

Instagram handle: @what.is.mental.illness

What is mental illness? It can't be seen and sometimes it can't even be heard. So, how do you identify the different illnesses and their symptoms? This account will teach you everything you need to know, 


Looking for more tips to improve your mental health? Try implementing these Scandinavian self-care secrets.

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