8 Creative Homes Embracing 2022’s ‘Punchy Color’ Trend

When it comes to home décor, it's tempting to stick to warm neutrals and shades of grey – they're the safer choice, especially where budget is concerned. But with a little risk there's a chance you'll be generously rewarded. By incorporating bright colours into your home décor, you're increasing the likelihood you'll feel energised and happy on a day-to-day basis. You'll also stand out in a sea of monochromatic minimalism in the homes of your friends and family.

Bright and uplifting colours will be trending in a big way in 2022 as we look to add more joy and positivity to our lives. Incorporating more lively hues into your home will inject it with a playful vibrancy. According to the experts at Haymes Paint, this trending palette of bold and energising hues "encapsulates a newfound freedom to be yourself and challenge everything with a playful vibrancy and fresh optimism." 

The colours that surround us every day can have a powerful effect on our emotions and state of mind. While we each experience and respond to certain colours in different ways, there are some constants across their psychological effects. Cool colours like blue and green usually promote calmness, whereas warm colours like red, orange and yellow are more energising. Muted colours are more likely to trigger sadness, whereas bright colours are more likely to trigger happiness.

From Prudence Caroline's coastal ode to texture and colour to Flex Mami's vibrant city apartment, get inspired by these colourful homes and before you know it you'll be making your own mood board for a brighter home (and a brighter you).

8 Colourful Home Decor Ideas

1. Clashing primary colours

You'll be hard pressed to find a home more vibrant than artists Josh and Matt's playful inner-city flat. The pair have filled the space with a cacophony of colour, art and design, all of which coalesce to create an abode that's bright, stylish, and fun.

“We usually gravitate towards colour, postmodern design and interesting materiality,” they say. “We don’t worry too much about making sure everything fits a specific style, it really is just a blend of a lot of different eras and styles meshed together with our own flair.” 

Tour the home, here

2. Whimsical wallpaper

Boasting whimsy and sophistication, journalist Pandora Skye's Victorian terrace is swathed in lashings of colour. The playful bathroom features an ornate pastel pink wallpaper that elegantly juxtaposes against the green freestanding bath. These elements are perfectly tied together via the ocean-themed painting on the wall.

Tour the home, here

3. Soft pastels

Prudence Caroline's plush blue armchair is enough to make anyone believe in the power of bright colours when it comes to home décor. Sure, colour aside it looks unreasonably comfortable. But this blue – have you ever witnessed a friendlier or more inviting shade of blue in your life? Prudence is an artist, so it's no surprise the rest of her home is likewise filled with artful touches of colour that will inspire you to dip your toes in a brighter palette.

Tour the home, here

4. Monochromatic pinks

Introducing colour into your home doesn't mean you need to choose all the hues of the spectrum. Take cues from web designer Puno Puno's lively bedroom where she's primarily channelled warm tones. The result is a toasty sleep sanctuary with a decidedly '70s glow.

Tour the home, here

5. Striking artwork

A simple set of emoji-yellow shelves instantly brightens up the bedroom at Flex Mami's place – and offsets the softer shades of her bed linen perfectly. Objects elsewhere come in shades of pink, with an assortment of fresh flowers acting as an anchor. Take note – this is a natural at work.

Tour the home, here

6. Bright styling

Singer and drummer Scarlett Johnson's studio home boasts a 70s punchiness that we love. The home’s pièce de résistance is unquestionably the dining room feature shelf which is filled with a kaleidoscopic range of different-shaped glassware.

Tour the home, here

7. Eye-catching furnishings

Scroll through content creator Rowi Singh's Instagram and you'll be blessed with an array of colourful makeup and fashion looks. This playfulness extends to her apartment's interior which is adorned in brightly-hued furnishings. The living area is Singh’s favourite room where her unique and eclectic taste is on full display.

Tour the home, here

8. Painted cabinets

As the founder of experiential colour and art exhibit, Color Factory, and an editor of Domino, Jordan Ferney is no stranger to using colour in a home. Her living area features beautiful seafoam green joinery that's perfectly juxtaposed with mustard and burnt orange-hued furnishings. This palette continues throughout the home creating a cohesive look and feel that's both vibrant and sophisticated.

Tour the home, here


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