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So Unexpected: This DIY Mirror Is Trending On Instagram

If you follow Flex Mami on Instagram, you’ll know that she loves a DIY project. The DJ, author and TV host has documented a gaggle of her favourite projects on the social media platform, including her ombre fairy floss pink and blue wardrobe and her spray-paint checkered chest of drawers.

One of her most popular DIY projects, though, is also her most simple: a bubblegum foam mirror. The idea was first inspired by similar mirrors from the Danish brand Anna Thoma. Fun and frivolous, it’s easy to recreate at home and will inject a little lighthearted spirit and zany energy into your home decoration. And all you will need to get started are a few simple DIY items.

Flex Mami made hers from a cheap Kmart mirror, some spray foam and paint, and a tarp. We’d suggest adding in a mask, gloves and protective gear as well, given that spray foam can give off fumes. It’s best to tackle this DIY project in a well-ventilated area and with your airways protected by coverings.

Doing the DIY is simple, according to Domino, who asked Flex Mami for her tips. You take your mirror and place it on top of the tarp covering. You’ll need the covering to be about two or three times the area of your mirror, just to make sure that you have enough space to spray the foam. Elevate the mirror on a couple of cans or a container, ensuring that there’s a bit of space between the mirror and the tarp.  

Now, it’s time to spray. This kind of foam, which comes in a can and sprays out from a nozzle, is expandable, so a little goes a long way. Test your spray can on a bit of newspaper to make sure you’re confident with the can and the way the foam comes out. Then get spraying. Trace carefully but steadily around the edge of your mirror, if you’re looking to recreate Flex Mami’s bubble mirror.  

Or, you can copy some of these DIY styles, where just a few small globs of foam were sprayed onto the mirror for maximum effect. You could try a partially edged version, like this mirror, or you could even just randomly spray chunks of foam onto the mirror for decoration. The (spray foam) world is your (mirror) oyster.

Most spray foam will be white or cream as it dries, which means that if you want to copy Flex Mami’s candy pink mirror you’ll need to paint the foam once it has set. Leave your mirror overnight so that the foam can dry, and then cover up the mirror’s surface with some newspaper and get painting. Spray paint works best, given that the dried surface of the foam will be crackling and dimpled. Spray paint will get into all those crevices, plus it’s easy to handle and wield.

Flex Mami’s mirror was a deliciously sweet pink, but when it comes to colours you could just about try anything. From the versions that we’ve seen online, pastels work best: lemon yellow, sweet mint green, a lovely dusty lilac or a pale blue. The spray paint colour is what elevates this DIY project into the next level, taking what was once a cheap and simple bit of mirrored glass into an effortlessly cool design staple in your home. And if you’re feeling confident, you could even go for a bigger foam mirror than Flex Mami’s, like the styles shared by this Danish account.

If you’re going to tackle this easy DIY at home, here are a few pointers to remember. Firstly, don’t forget your protective gear. Spray foam and paint should only be tackled in a well-ventilated space and when you’re wearing a mask, gloves and other protective material.

Secondly, get confident with spray foam. Make sure that you have a few test attempts with the spray foam canister so that you are comfortable with how to work with the material. You need to be careful, neat and precise, given that spray foam expands a lot. But you also need to spray quickly, in order to ensure that the foam doesn’t expand in the tube. There’s no need to be afraid of spray foam, just get confident with the material before you use it. Once you’re a pro, you’ll be whipping up DIY projects in no time.

And lastly, be creative. It’s all about the colouring when it comes to this DIY project. Be bold with your choice of paint and opt for a colour that will make you happy every time you look in the mirror. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get DIY-ing. Tag us if you try this DIY mirror at home! 

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