Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bedding, but Didn't Know Who to Ask

Seeing as we spend around one third of our entire lives asleep, it makes sense that our bed, and bedding, should be as comfortable as possible. Yet, the average person probably has no idea whether a latex mattress or an open spring mattress is more suited to their needs. Or whether they’d prefer a doona filled with down or wool. That’s where we come in. We’ve answered all your biggest bedding questions so you can spend one third of your existence in extreme cosiness. You’re welcome.

Feathered, memory foam or firm pillows — which should I choose?

Like gelato flavours, there really is a pillow out there to suit everyone’s tastes. With so many options, which flavour do you go for? Well, that depends on your individual needs. If you’re someone who sleeps on your side, opt for a firm, high pillow that will give you the support you need.

If you regularly find you have a sore neck or back, a memory foam pillow could be a good option as they’re made from polyurethane that moulds to your body.

If you prefer soft pillows, and like a little more of a 5-star hotel feel in your bedroom, feather or down pillows are the perfect option.

How do I choose a mattress that’s right for me?

If you’re getting the right balance, you should be spending around eight hours of your day on your mattress. That’s almost 3000 hours of your life every year spent curled up sleeping on the same bed. So it goes without saying that your mattress is one purchase you want to get right. The two most important components to factor in when searching for a mattress are comfort and support. The right mix will mean your back and body is properly supported. As for the finer details? Let's discuss.

First of all, there are memory foam mattresses. These guys are made from a mouldable material that absorbs your weight, in turn, relieving some pressure on your joints.

Otherwise, there are latex mattresses. These are perfect for those who prefer a firmer foundation. They’re filled with latex foam which is a wonderful temperature regulator and will last the distance.

Open spring mattresses are a lot cheaper than the other options because they’re lighter and less supportive. If your budget isn’t huge but you want the next step up, pocket spring mattresses are more supportive and come in soft, medium or firm. If you want to get really fancy, you can purchase an air-filled vinyl or rubber chamber mattress. This customisable option allows you to control just how firm your mattress is. The best part? If you share your bed, you and your partner can tailor the firmness to your individual needs. Win.

So... why linen, then?

People are making the switch to pure, 100% Flax Linen bedding — especially in Australia — as it's the ultimate trans-seasonal bedding solution. This clever, high quality material helps to regulate your body temperature, which means it’ll keep you toasty in winter and cool in the warmer months. It's anti-static, anti-bacterial and becomes softer the more it's washed; plus it's a totally natural fibre, known for it's breathability and ultra-softness. Not only does flax linen feel super comfy, it’ll make your bed look straight out of a Pinterest inspiration board with zero effort on your part. Sold.

Can new mattresses and pillows really give me allergies?

We hate to break it to you, but yes, there are some types of mattresses that could agitate your allergies. It all comes down to the type of filling inside your pillow or mattress. Feather and down-filled pillows could trigger allergy symptoms, as could pocket spring mattresses filled with lamb’s wool. Your best bet if you’re an allergy sufferer? Memory foam pillows and mattresses.

Which doona filling should I go for?

This comes down to whether you suffer from allergies or not. If you do, opt for synthetic doona fillings over natural ones. Hollowfibre and microfibre are you go-tos. Everyone else? You also get the choice of doonas with natural fillings. If you’re after something lightweight but warm, down-filled doonas are the perfect option. A little heavier than down, feather-filled doonas are a more budget friendly option but will still keep you cosy, and there are a heap of ethically sourced options available on the market.

If you'd like a little from column A and a little from column B, you can choose a down and feather-filled mix to get the best of both worlds. Silk and wool-filled doonas are also a great option as they regulate your body temperature — keeping you warm or cool as needed.

Sleep well!

Now that we’re on the topic, here are 10 simple ways to enhance the quality of your sleep – starting from tonight! – plus the 7 things making you tired… that have nothing to do with how much you’re sleeping.

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