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Follow these simple steps for a rejuvenating rest this full moon.

| By Antonia Day | Wellness

The Full Moon Is Coming: Here’s How to Avoid Disrupted Sleep

Follow these simple steps for a rejuvenating rest this full moon.

Do you ever find there’s a few nights every month where it's that little bit harder to go to sleep? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When there’s a full moon in the sky, there’s a lot of people lying in bed with their eyes wide open, tossing and turning with the same problem.

While we can’t always blame the moon for our tossing and turning, the full moon is a different story. On the nights when the moon is at its brightest, you can almost always attribute your poor sleep to the moonlight.

Below, we look at how the full moon affects the quality of your sleep, and what you can do to get a good night of rest when it's shining bright.

Tips to help you get a good night of sleep during a full moon

1. Wind down earlier

Begin your nighttime routine a bit earlier than usual to give your body more time to switch gears and prepare for a restful sleep. You can draw your curtains (or blinds) as the sun sets, light a candle, and turn on any lamps you have in your home.

2. Avoid certain foods

While these foods won’t affect everyone’s sleep, there are some ingredients and products that have been shown to interfere with the quality, and the amount of time it takes to get to sleep. Alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars are a few things that should be avoided to get your body into rest-mode sooner.

Want to learn more? We’ve explored these foods in depth in this article here.

3. Minimise exposure to light

Try to reduce the amount of time and exposure to overhead lighting at home. You should also try to avoid letting the natural moonlight in as it is significantly brighter during a full moon. If you don’t have blinds or curtains, an eye mask or even a lightweight t-shirt or pillowcase over your eyes while you sleep is the perfect solution for blocking out the bright light being reflected off the moon.

4. Create a relaxing environment

Try to avoid engaging in over stimulating activities and content before you sleep. This includes loud music, and bright and energetic movies or shows. Instead, treat yourself to a peaceful evening on the couch with a book or quiet film, and minimal distractions.

5. Avoid using your phone before going to sleep

This should be implemented regardless of the moon stage, as using a phone before bed can disrupt your circadian rhythm and significantly impact the quality of your sleep. Try to minimise phone use a few hours before bedtime, and put it away completely an hour before you intend to nod off.

6. Go to bed at the same time you normally would

If you fall asleep at the same time every night, it’s important to still go to bed at that same time during a full moon. This is because your body is already used to this routine, and doing anything different than what it’s used to will hinder your body's melatonin production, impacting how long it takes for you to fall asleep.

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