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Try This Hack to Watch Your Favourite Shows Together—Even When You're Miles Apart

Social distancing? No worries. Not only do we have you covered on how to stay social when you're working from home, we're also showing you how to hang out with your closest friends for a movie night or a binge of your favourite TV show, all through the power of technology. Whether your friends or family members live on the other side of the globe or just down the street, these video streaming options will make you feel like they're in the room with you. Well, almost. There's absolutely nothing like a good movie marathon, so grab the popcorn and get streaming using our favourite websites and apps below.

Netflix Party

If Netflix wasn't your favourite streaming app already, Netflix Party's group viewing interface will cement it as your favourite place to binge-watch. In just four easy steps, you can install the browser extension to your browser, select a movie or series to watch and share a viewing link with your friends. From there, you'll be able to chat in real-time as if you were in the room together. You can upload screenshots and use GIFs and emojis to share your thoughts. It's just like MSN again.


While Netflix Party might be the most straightforward way to watch remotely with your favourite people, Scener introduces the addition of video chat which makes things a bit more interactive. Like NP, you simply download a browser extension and create an account with Scener before inviting people to watch with you. You can create your own Bitmojjis in the chat and even throw virtual popcorn at your friends. It's like nothing has changed.


Here's an option for those who prefer to watch from the comfort of their phone screen. Rave's goal is to bring people together via their most loved media—in our case, movies. While you watch at the same time as your friends, you can chat with each other via text or your voice, and the app is compatible with Netflix, Youtube, Reddit and even your own Google Drive if you want to relive a Contiki tour from the past.

Facebook Watch Party

Are you ready to binge Facebook's most viral videos or even take a walk down memory lane together? If you didn't know about Facebook's Watch Party feature, you're not alone. It turns out that creating a group to watch videos with your closest friends is as easy as setting up a normal Facebook post, and the website will automatically suggest videos for you, from hilarious memes to musical performances from your favourite band's concert. Once you're connected, you can easily add video or audio commentary and add stickers and emojis to the chat.


You might know Twitch as predominantly a live-stream for gamers, but the leading streaming platform has recently been branching out into categories that will appeal to everyone, including marathons of cooking shows and even Bob Ross painting tutorials which are strangely addictive. You can talk with strangers or invite your friends to chat with you within these channels.

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