Be inspired to create the home of your dreams.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

7 Interior Design Experts Share Their Top Tips for a Well-Styled Home

Be inspired to create the home of your dreams.

Styling a home can be an incredibly enjoyable job, but it can also be an overwhelming one. Whether you just want a refresh or you're moving into a new house, navigating your chosen style with the right room layout, as well as balancing form and function is no mean feat.

For this reason, we've turned to 7 interior design experts to help you with your home styling journey. From highlighting your individuality to utilising layers, these décor
will help make your home look as though it's been decorated by a professional and ensure it's a space that you love.

Kelsey Coppetti, Interior Designer

  • "Balance your textures, colours, eras, price ranges, etc; mix darks and lights, new and old, bold with muted, and textured with soft, give layers to a space and always keep the eye guessing.
  • Focus on quality pieces that bring comfort and depth. Add some drama here and there. Keep expensive furnishings more neutral and play with colour and prints in pieces that you can change up every so often. If it’s vintage, ask for as many details and photos as possible.
  • I’m all about slow design and organically incorporating furnishings bit by bit instead of forcing the space to be something all at once. It opens the door to finding pieces you truly love and connect with.
  • Save up and splurge every once in a while on timeless pieces you see longevity with. I can't tell you how special it is to have some familial heirloom antiques that have been handed down to me recently."

For more from Kelsey follow her @arrodunes and @_coppetti

Ella Barba, creator of @HomeSnob

  • "Using rugs to either create and bring together a space or hide the ugly rental flooring upstairs. A game-changer.
  • Bring life indoors with plants to make it feel natural and soothing. But seriously, science says this is so.
  • Cut the clutter.
  • Mirrors have the ability to reframe a space and give it a new dimension.
  • If you can’t put 100 prints on the wall (like us in our rental) then make use of putting your art on top of things (an entry table or chest of drawers for example) or simply on the floor. I love styling a cute print or mirror on the floor behind my bedside tables.
  • Use temporary wallpaper or decals to jazz up a kid's room.
  • Use colour in fun ways (flowers, art, cushions, bedding, ceramics, books etc.) but use it sparingly. There’s such sophistication and a sense of calm that comes with using neutral tones in a home.
  • Add lighting if the home doesn’t already have it (floor and table lamps will be your best friend).

For more from Ella follow her @ellabarba_ @homesnob

Louis Burke, Stylist

"Layers! And lots of them. Always start off with a good foundation. That being your rugs, curtains, and bedding (duvet/doona/pillows/mattress.) Then go in with your furniture pieces. The furniture doesn't have to be super expensive, because once you go in and layer in some beautiful bed linen, blankets, and books you’ve got one beautiful set-up. Also, go into designing your space knowing it's going to take some time. Enjoy the process!"

For more from Loui follow him @louiburke.

Sarah Shinners, Interior Designer

"I feel it’s important to highlight your individuality with heirloom pieces sourced over time. A home should be a visual representation of the owner and surrounding yourself with a selection of meaningful objects and artworks will bring joy daily through memory – of travel, of family, of a life well lived.

For me, a well-styled space is one that is thoughtful and unique but also functional and that evolves over time with the person inhabiting the space. Nothing in my home stays in the same place for too long before it is re-arranged or repurposed to give it a new lease on life and to gain a fresh perspective on it amongst daily routine."

For more from Sarah follow her @sarah.shinners

Sara Combs, Retreat Designer

These are the mantras I repeat over and over when designing a space (and included in our book ‘At Home in Joshua Tree’!):

  • Blur indoor and outdoor space.
  • Curate a home that enhances with use.
  • Design for ordinary experiences, and always add plants (real ones).

It’s all about creating spaces that are connected to their environment, designing for comfort and everyday life, and incorporating nature both through actual plants and natural materials.

For more from Sara follow her @saracombs and @thejoshuatreehouse

Tali Roth, Interior Designer

"Keep clutter away! It’s important to ensure you have sufficient storage and if you don't then add a dresser and storage side tables as the most unnerving thing in a place of rest is visual clutter. Try and keep symmetry for a sense of space and opulence. (I.e: If you can have two side tables and two lamps or sconces then do so)."

For more from Simone, follow her @simonehaag and on simonehaag.com.au.

Jenna Densten, Interior Designer

Design and style your home based on the feeling you’re wanting to create for that particular room. I’m all about calm vibes because my life is well, hectic! For me, a calming interior is all about a neutral colour palette where I feel most at ease, but for you it might be blues or greens. Each room can have a different ‘vibe’ or feeling, but you need to ensure there’s a link through colour, texture or materiality throughout the home.

For more from Jenna, follow her at  @jennadensten and @joshandjenna

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