How Artist Rose England Turned Her Passion Into a Career

If you’ve ever dreamed about turning your artistic passions into a full-time gig, Rose England’s story will be one of inspiration - and potentially, envy.

Fuelled by the creative influence of her grandmother, a life-long painter and sewer, Rose’s artistic talents started being developed earlier than she can even remember. Since then, Rose has managed to grow her natural talent into a successful business, where she creates and commissions artwork to decorate the walls of homes all around the world.

Inspired by natural elements, like flowers and plants and utilising warm colour tones, Rose’s art is designed to bring both life and comfort to your space. Alongside these natural influences, Rose is particularly inspired by the female form, with representations of women being the central focus of many of her pieces.

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive collaboration with Rose England, we spoke to her to learn more about her business, what a typical day in her life looks like and how she goes about creating a calm and relaxed space.

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Hi Rose! We're so excited to have your artwork at Bed Threads. Can you tell us how and why you first got into art?

I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember. My grandmother is an incredible painter and sewer and she had a huge creative influence on me as a child. We were always sewing, drawing, painting, even making our own Christmas decorations. This is where my passion started and has grown ever since.

What is the best part about running your business?

Seeing my art spread to different parts of the world! When someone orders an artwork I get just as excited now as I did when I first started. I feel so grateful that I have been able to turn my passion into my career.

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Your bedroom is beautiful. How does it reflect your personality?

I want my bedroom to feel calm and cosy. I’ve styled it with warm colour tones which I adore and added little personal touches such as flowers, candles, and calming diffusers… It’s my sanctuary!

What's your best advice for creating a calming bedroom?

Keep things simple and try to include some natural elements. Flowers and plants are so beautiful to look at which in turn creates a truly relaxing feel. I also try to avoid too much clutter and enjoy the natural light as much as possible.

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What is a typical day in the life of Rose England like?

I get up early because I have an extremely cute puppy who needs her breakfast. I then have a lazy morning and start work around 9.30am. Usually I have commissions to work on so I draw for those, but some days I block the day out to be undisturbed and totally creative, these are my favourite! I either paint, draw or sketch and make endless mood boards. At lunchtime I take my dog for a walk and in the evening I’ll most likely be at the local pub eating dinner or having drinks with friends.

What does your nighttime routine look like?

I love a good TV series so if I’m not out with friends I will settle down on the sofa with a glass of wine, a big blanket and cuddle my little puppy whilst watching something gripping on Netflix. I turn my diffuser on before I go to bed so that my bedroom smells like lavender which really helps me to sleep. If I’m not too tired I will then read some of my book but most of the time I can barely keep my eyes open so my head goes straight on the pillow!

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Shop the Rose England x Bed Threads print collection here.

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