How to Decorate Your Home, According to Your Personality Type

It’s all well and good to style your home with the latest decor colors and items because they’re considered “trendy”, but there’s a lot more to designing your personal space than conforming to current social standards. After all, just because a few people on social media adore one color, it doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily do the same for you – and that’s because our personalities are all unique. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to take your personality into account when styling your home. The colors, materials and objects you’re surrounded with have an immense impact on your state of mind and can affect your mood and train of thought, so we asked interior designer Anna Giannis to explain how to decorate the home according to the five main personalities. Which one do you resonate with the most?

How to Decorate Your Home, According to the 5 Main Personality Types

The ‘Conscientious type’

Conscientious people tend to be highly organised and mindful of details. They like to plan in advance and are extremely wary of deadlines, so taking on a task as big as redecorating their home decor can be many months in the works. 

“If you fall into this category, opt for pastel colors, such as soft pink, pale blue and soft grey,” Giannis explains. Favour organic fabrics such as linen and muslin where the properties of the textiles are close to nature.”

Avoid bright and loud artworks, and instead search for subtle statement pieces such as a beautiful ceramic vessel, which can act as a centrepiece in a room without drawing too much attention. Ceramics can create an earthy, artisanal feel in a space, and can bring you back to nature in a hyper-connected world.

Moreover, look towards minimalist decor trends such as Japandi or Friluftsliv, to help inspire your space. 


The ‘Extroverted type’

Extroverts are often described as the life of the party and their outgoing, vibrant nature draws people to them. 

It goes without saying that an extrovert’s home decor will feature bold, striking colors such as black, gold and red, and show-stopping decor items including loud artworks and colorful ornaments. 

In terms of textures, “gravitate towards plush velvets and rich textural materials with loud and big scale prints,” Giannis explains. Avoid the Scandi minimalist trend as “this will deplete your energy” and instead opt for a louder trend like Checkerboard, which will stimulate your mood.


The ‘Open type’

Those who fall into this category are imaginative, creative and have a broad range of interests. They are curious about learning new things, exploring the world and enjoying new experiences. “These types are open to mixing colors and textures in an eclectic way. Try to mix furniture styles from different periods of time, but put a contemporary twist on it,” Giannis says. “You will thrive when surrounded by clashing colors such as blue and green, or red and pink, so don’t be afraid to go bold in the bedroom, too.” 

Try mixing and matching our 100% flax linen bed sheets in Olive and Mineral during the cooler months, and Terracotta, Rosewater and Lavender during the warmer months.  

Giannis also recommends yellow as a strong color choice: “Yellow is a happy color so incorporate it into your accent pieces at home.” Need some inspiration? Check out Flex Mami’s home, which is filled with bright colors, clashing prints and bold textures.


The ‘Agreeable type’  

Being ‘agreeable’ is someone who is cooperative, and shows kindness and affection towards others. They are highly likeable in any social setting as they don’t cause trouble. They also deter from any form of manipulation and competitiveness. 

When it comes to home interiors, it’s best to go with the flow and style your space with trendy items and colors. This means you need to be careful as to not unnecessarily overspend on decor items that will go out of trend easily. 

For budget-friendly ways to update your bedroom, repaint the walls, update the lighting, add in a beautiful piece of art, replace the hardware on your bedside table and dresser (as opposed to replacing the entire piece of furniture) or add a plant. Need more affordable renovation tips? Head here for ideas on how to makeover your kitchen on a budget and here for hacks to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.


The ‘Neurotic type’  

Often regarded as tense or moody, those high on the neuroticism scale will find things to worry about even in the calmest of situations. Because of this, if you fall into this category, it’s best to stick to the ‘less is more’ approach to interior decorating, and value quality over quantity. 

Giannis notes that “they need to avoid clutter and loud prints” as this will assist the mind in relaxing as much as possible. As an alternative, try adding a few subtle plants throughout your home as indoor plants have a positive physiological effect on the body, helping to reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, which are linked to stress. It can help to improve your productivity, focus and creativity, plus reduce mental fatigue and help fight depression and anxiety. Here’s our complete guide to the best and most popular indoor plants.

Giannis also recommends you stick to a black and white color palette. Look towards trends like Friluftsliv for inspiration.


Anna Giannis is an internationally acclaimed interior designer and stylist. Follow her on Instagram @annagiannis_interiors.

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