How to Detox Your Bedroom (And No, It's Not Just a Matter of Using Organic Cleaning Products)

Your bedroom is your safe place—a haven where you retreat to after a long day or when you simply need some time to zen-out. From a glance, your personal sanctuary might look clean, but there are a number of invisible factors at play that mean your bedroom isn't as healthy as you might have thought. Not to worry though, we've done the dirty work to come up with the most effective ways to detoxify your bedroom so you can sleep safe and sound at night.

Your mattress

The surface that you spend hours laying on each night can go unchecked for months and years at a time, hidden by your linen and pillows. The Better Sleep Council recommends that you replace your mattress every seven to ten years to make sure you're receiving the proper support to avoid aches and pains associated with old mattresses, but also to repel dust mites and allergens that easily accumulate on your bed. When it's time to choose a mattress, opt for a natural latex option to help eradicate any toxins that might find their way into your bed.


We like to give ourselves the best chance possible at a great night of sleep, and it turns out that electronic devices in our bedrooms are constantly emitting low levels of radiation and light. This can interrupt your sleep and actually delay the release of melatonin in your brain, keeping you awake for longer. Your best bet is to clear your bedroom of all electronics and declare a tech-free zone where rest is the priority.

Natural sheets

You've heard us rave about the benefits of sleeping in 100% flax linen before, but now that we're on the topic of detoxifying your bedroom, it seems fitting to resurface the facts. Bed sheets made from synthetic fibres have been known to contain traces of chemicals and are far less breathable than their organic counterparts. At Bed Threads, our collection of 100% flax linen bedding is trans-seasonal, breathable and dirt-repellant, making it a no-brainer.


Finding the sweet spot for the right atmosphere in your bedroom can come down to your selection of lighting. While most of us are now living under the glow of LED bulbs, it's worth double-checking your light globes to determine if you're taking advantage of the energy-efficient options on the market. Our tip is to search for bulbs with a soft, warm light that feels comfortable and inviting. Another way to create a restful mood is to skip the overhead lights and rely on your favourite candles or a salt lamp for illumination instead.

Air quality

Did you know that the air that we breathe while indoors is widely accepted to contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds)? These toxins can come from a multitude of places including carpets, cleaning products and on the painted surface of walls. Short of re-painting your interior walls using natural paint, an air purifier is a handy way to remove a large portion of the allergens, dust and chemicals that are floating around your bedroom. If you've got a green thumb, indoor houseplants like peace lilies or rubber plants can also help to purify the air.

While you're here, make sure you're not making these common bedroom decorating mistakes.

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