How to Make Your Room Look Larger Than It Actually Is

Let’s face it, size matters.

And, ideally, most of us would opt for a bigger bedroom. But, if space is at a premium in your home, there are ways you can create the illusion that your bedroom is much larger than it actually is. Here's how.

White walls and ceilings

Paint your walls in white to create the illusion of space. Pale hues reflect light and make the room appear to be brighter and roomier.

Darker colours — while they might be trending — tend to absorb the available light, which can feel constricting. Still, a statement feature wall can have an arresting effect — so it depends on what your goals are when you’re decorating.


Statement mirrors

There's little that enhances the sense of space in a room as effectively as a mirror.

Mirrors reflect light, and thus open up a space, so it's worth investing in a floor-to-ceiling or oversized option.

Position it opposite the largest window in your room to maximise the effect, and if that’s not an option, mirrored wardrobes work well, too, if there's no suitable wall space in your bedroom.

Space-saving furniture

The more furniture you have in a room, the smaller it can to feel. Yes, you need need storage but could you get away with drawers beneath the bed instead of using a chest, for example? Choose the smallest bed you can get away with and incorporate dual purpose pieces like blanket boxes which provide seating and space for your linen and towels.


Avoid the middle ground

Position art and shelves as high as possible — rather than in the centre of your walls — to draw the eye upwards. This creates a greater sense of space in the room and produces an uncluttered feel. Drop down lighting also draws your gaze upwards, if you're interested in exploring that as an option.

Keep things simple

Even the smallest bedroom can feel big enough if it's tidy and free of clutter. Remember: when it comes to decorating your space, you don't need a lot of things — you just need the right things.

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