Exactly How To Start An Indoor Garden At Home—It’s Actually So Easy

You might already know that here at Bed Threads we are obsessed with indoor plants. We've got one (or five) in every room of the house to promote wellness and to simply add to the earthy aesthetic we love so much. No matter how small or large your place is, there's always an opportunity to introduce greenery into your decorating scheme, and today we're going to show you just how easy it is to start an indoor garden from scratch this week.

Start small

To avoid overwhelming yourself completely before you've even begun, it's important to pace yourself. For example, the first week you begin your indoor jungle it might be a good idea to have a goal of planting just one or two plants at a time so that you can completely focus on their specific needs before expanding on your garden. It can be tempting to buy all the plants at once, but as many of us have learnt, plants really do require a bit of time and energy and can deteriorate within days if not cared to properly.


Know the basics

As you're beginning to recognise which types of plants catch your eye, start to look into the details a bit closer. For example, how much light, water, and overall maintenance does that plant require of you? You might find a perfect match on your first go, or you might have to do a bit of digging to perfectly pair your plants with your conditions at home.


Invest in quality equipment

When I was beginning my indoor plant journey, I'd often buy a plant and find a beautiful pot to plant it in, only to realise that there was no drainage hole and that my plant was slowly drowning. Don't be like me—invest in proper planters that allow drainage—saucers or trays are great for indoors to avoid wet floors. As well as the pot, read the plant's requirements for soil and fertilisers so that you can give your plant its best chance at thriving.


Choose hard-to-kill varieties

To get some inspiration, take a peek at our list of the best hard-to-kill indoor plants on the market right now. Eternal favourites cacti and succulents are always at the top of our indoor jungle wishlist due to their hardy attitude and stunning shapes, textures and colours. Once you're comfortable with tending to your new indoor garden, you can begin to work up to more demanding species, but for a beginner, the classics work best for honing your plant parenthood skills.


Identify the best spots

Spots of your home that catch that beautiful morning sun or humid areas like the bathroom—identify what your plants need from you and then go searching for the best position in your home for them to live. If you're like me, you'll move your plants around the house depending on the weather and if they're lacking light or water, but having a familiar spot for them to return to will help you to keep them alive and also monitor how different conditions affect each plant.


Style them!

Now, the fun part. It's time to appreciate all of the hard work you've done to get your very own indoor garden up and running by combining your favourite furniture pieces and decor items with your leafy friends to create curated vignettes that are magazine-worthy. You can place your plants in baskets, let them trail off bookcases—anything goes!


Plants turning brown? This is why, according to a plant expert.

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