Get Inspired by the Creative Homes of These Artists on Instagram

Yes, the goal is to spend less time on Instagram. But to ensure the time you do spend on Instagram is positive, it’s helpful to actively ensure the accounts you follow are bringing something to the table, so to speak. So if you're looking for some fresh decor ideas, there are plenty of artists on the 'gram providing major interior inspiration. 

From an airy East-LA apartment, a bohemian wonderland in Marrakech to an intimate Parisian abode filled with books and flowers, a cosy Melbourne home studio, and an a minimalist's haven in Oslo, the homes of these artists on Instagram are completely inspiring. Your saved folder will be happy you hit follow.

Nina Koltchitskaia, Paris

Nina Koltchitskaia is a Moscow-born Paris-based artist who trained as a photographer and filmmaker, but it’s her paintings of flowers and faces that take centrestage on Instagram – as well as her wonderful cat, Simone, and her idyllic Parisian apartment. On a plant-filled balcony, she paints on canvas using a classic wooden artist’s palette that so closely resembles the official Artist Palette Emoji that you’ll question whether what you’re looking at is even real life or maybe a painting itself.

With a compact black and white spiral staircase, a painter’s easel and perfectly disheveled bookshelves that hold overflow paint tubes and brushes, Nina has unlocked just the right amount of clutter that feels intentional and unobtrusive. A bold blue rug, which out of context could feel like too big of a statement, especially for a small space, anchors and brightens the living space beautifully. Follow Nina at @ninakoltchitskaia

Laurence Leenaert, Marrakech

Laurence Leenaert runs the Marrakech-based lifestyle brand LRNCE, whose Instagram account inspires its hundreds of thousands of followers to bring a little art into their own homes. The Belgium-born artist works with local artisans to make unique pieces in small production runs, advocating for a more thoughtful approach to interior style.

Her work studio is filled with handcrafted textiles and freshly painted vases, and her home is likewise a celebration of her artistic style – with cacti and colour popping off of clean white walls, abundant light streaming in from tall windows and original Moroccan floor tiles offering a balance of old world with the new. Take inspiration from her collection of unique pottery and vases, as they’re a simple way of bringing character into your own home. Follow Laurence at @lrnce

Gabi Abrão, Los Angeles

Gabi Abrão makes multi-disciplinary surrealist art (paintings, memes, wellness guides) that examines the relationship between the self and the invisible forces that shape us. On Instagram she documents her home life as well as her art practice, and has recently moved into an East-LA rental apartment that will give renters and owners alike new confidence to do more with less.

Like her Instagram account, her home champions beige and white with subtle accents of colour such as muted sage and dusty pink, creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Indoor plants are present but minimal; artwork (her own) and gold-framed mirrors hang on the walls. Through simple photography of her peaceful home, Gabi reminds us how effective a well placed objet d'art can be, and that it's possible to create your perfect home by making inexpensive investments. Follow Gabi at @sighswoon

Alexandria J Park, Sydney

If your personal aesthetic is firmly on the neutral minimalist end of the spectrum, then Alexandria Park is your go-to for inspo. Like her paintings, her home is full of clean lines and shades of blue that create a serene atmosphere and intentionally mimic the style of an art gallery. Her furniture is a mix of new designs and second-hand finds, with a combination of materials creating subtle texture within the tonal palette. This home is a goalpost for peace and stillness when it comes to inner-city living, suggesting that maybe you really do need to declutter to find peace in your surroundings. Follow Alexandria at @ajpstudio_

Isabelle Feliu, Oslo

Isabelle Feliu imagines little utopias in her artwork – scenes of women in nature, often nude, always peaceful but at the same time strong, rendered in a bold and sometimes unexpected use of colour. Her minimalist home in Norway embraces the light and continues this love of colour, with muted blue-grey bedroom walls and yellow furnishings against a pale grey couch and rug in the living room. The space also demonstrates how effective beautiful mid-century wooden furniture can be when it’s paired with white shelves and tables. So if that mid-century Danish vibe is calling for you, you don’t need to go crazy buying up every somewhat on-point piece you find on Gumtree – invest in a few top quality pieces and mix them in with newer second hand finds. Follow Isabelle at @isabellefeliu

Lucy Roleff, Melbourne

As well as making music, Lucy Roleff makes oil paintings in her lofty Melbourne apartment. Her home is a prime example of what can happen when you find just the right space. With beautiful wooden floorboards and plenty of light, Lucy has filled the space with furniture collected over the years to create an environment conducive to creativity. She’s neither a minimalist nor a clutter hound. Instead, she’s intuitive in her approach to decorating the apartment, leaving one wall empty and another filled with frames – whatever feels right. Follow Lucy at @lucyroleff

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