Jody has created six thought-provoking pieces available to purchase exclusively at Bed Threads Gallery.

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Artist Jody Rosen’s Monochrome Paintings Bring a Sense of Calm to Any Space

Jody has created six thought-provoking pieces available to purchase exclusively at Bed Threads Gallery.

South African-born, Sydney-based artist Jody Rosen's deep passion for painting comes through in everything she creates. Her collection of tonal and textural paintings for the first-ever Bed Threads Gallery is no different, intricately layering acrylics, graphite and charcoal to achieve a poetic suite of works that pair beautifully together or make for a gorgeous (and versatile) first addition to your art collection.

For this series of coveted originals, Jody has created six thought-provoking pieces that will bring a sense of calm to any spot you choose to hang them. These monochrome artworks are perfect for lovers of pared-back aesthetics and depict elegant silhouettes on textural backgrounds.

Painted on natural linen, these pieces come framed and ready to hang in white timber and will be available to purchase exclusively at Bed Threads Gallery.

We spoke to Jody about the inspiration behind these artworks and her creative process.

Hi Jody! We're thrilled to feature some of your original works as part of our inaugural Bed Threads Gallery. Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?

My inspiration for the Conversations series evolved from a previous series of mine called Dreams and Reflections which is about the movement of people through Migration and Displacement - depicting figures in a landscape.

The Conversations series of paintings was inspired by the fragility of family and human relationships which we love and value dearly and how our interactions are in a continuous state of flux and growth. Covid has taught us that human connection is paramount to our survival and wellbeing. These poetic works depict the universal “family” or tribe we belong to.

Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

I usually start with a blank linen or white canvas over which I apply layers of different mediums to create textures, then I use a variety of thicknesses of white acrylic paints, as well as charcoal and graphite to achieve a layered crackled surface from which the mystical figures emerge.

Which media do you love to work with?

I mainly use acrylics and various mediums and also include graphite and charcoal.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My main influences in this series are Cy Twombly the American artist whose white paintings I adore, Lawrence Carroll the late Australian artist and Anselm Kiefers off white and grey textured works.

Tell us about your career journey to date. Did you always know you wanted to pursue this line of work?

Yes growing up in South Africa I always knew I would pursue a creative career. I studied Fine Arts after High School majoring in Textile Design in Cape Town. Later I completed my MA in painting at UNSW Sydney Australia where I have lived since 1986. I have enjoyed painting and exhibiting my works in solo and group Exhibitons in Australia for many decades. My works can be found in Collections in Australia, Canada South Africa and USA.

Can you tell us a bit about why you think art is important to have in a home?

Art for me if the soul of every home. It provides a window into another world in terms of creating atmosphere, mood, colour. Living with art adds a sense of well being into our homes. Art is also is a great conversation starter when we entertain.

What advice you you give anyone investing in their first piece of art?

Definitely start with buying something you love! It will give you and your loved ones pleasure for decades to come. Starting an art collection and building a little gallery in your home can begin at any age.

Shop one-off original artworks at Bed Threads Gallery.

For more from Jodie, follow her on Instagram @jodyrosen

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