The Nook: Inside the Candy Coloured Bedroom of Influencer Katie Mack

Welcome to The Nook, our new weekly series chronicling the dreamy bedrooms of our favourite people on Instagram. For this instalment, we invite you inside the dreamy sunset-hued bedroom of influencer Katie Mack of the endlessly inspiring Instagram account @candycoloredhome.

Katie Mack is the pink-décor genius behind @candycoloredhome. If you dream of having all-pink-everything in your home, her Instagram account is one of your best sources of inspiration (and you might already be following her). Based in Los Angeles, the influencer lives by example when it comes to combining secondhand treasures with independent artist wares, quality furnishings, and sleepwear. 

After documenting her family's home-buying journey on Instagram, they landed in a 1953 Mid-Century Modern fixer-upper in 2017 and Katie soon developed a dedicated following obsessed with her fearless approach to colour and innovative curating skills.

The house is a dream, but it's her bedroom that keeps playing over and over in our minds, with its plush pink upholstered bed frame, terrazzo wallpaper and ceramic planters surrounding the bedside. Basking in this dreamy pink paradise will make you dream of balmy desert evenings and searching for warm-tones for your own bedroom.

Get to know Katie in our bedroom tour and be sure to follow her account for more inspiration (as if you aren't already!).

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Hi Katie! Your bedroom is so colourful. How does this space reflect your personality?

I think my bedroom definitely reflects my personality because it's creative and fun yet calm. I'm a pretty even-keeled person and I think the mood and vibe of a space are super important! I love a monochromatic moment that isn't boring and the shades of pinks and peaches are very calming to me. I'm very inspired by the '70s and '80s, and love postmodern and curvy-shaped decor.

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How do you go about styling your space?

Usually, I start with the wall that will be the focal point and create an accent wall with wallpaper or paint. I chose this terrazzo wallpaper by @jujupapers and I love the '70s feel it adds to the space. Art is definitely a huge part of the decor for me and I always love to mix vintage and modern. As far as deciding what goes where, I usually envision it when I see the right piece. Sometimes it's trial and error, or I will create a collage on my phone to get an idea of how a piece will look in the space.

I hand pick special thrifted pieces to add into each space and create a unique feel. My favourite vintage piece in the bedroom is my brass cobra sconce from @curatedhomedecr. I also have a Justina Blakeney original that is very special to me, a stained glass art piece by @runaglassworks and a vintage Modigliani-inspired sculpture by David Fisher. My bed, of course, is a favourite focal point; it's by Joybird and perfectly complements my Bed Threads bedding!

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What does having a comfortable and inviting bedroom mean to you?

It's super important to me to have a comfortable and inviting bedroom. This is after all where we spend the majority of our time! A comfortable bed is hugely important to me because without a good night's rest, it's hard to accomplish anything. The bedroom should feel like a sanctuary; it is your own private space at home. It's also the most personal space in any home and should reflect your personality and vibe.

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What does your regular sleep routine look like?

I'm a bit of a workaholic so my sleep needs to count because I don't always get a tonne of it. I work late and get up early so on a typical night I go to bed between 11 pm and 12 am and get up around 7 am. I function well on six hours sleep, but if I get eight, that's great! To be honest, while I know how important sleep is for the body, I wish we didn't need it because it feels like such a waste of time when I could be utilising those hours to be creative! My brain is swimming with ideas at all times and I don't have the time to execute them all!

Shop Katie's look with Pink Clay, Terracotta, and Rust in our Build-Your-Own Bundle, and linen sleepwear in Turmeric.

If you have one piece of advice for anyone styling their bedroom, what would it be?

Have fun and don't be afraid to take risks. Start off by picking the colours you are drawn to that make you feel calm and happy and go from there. I definitely recommend adding in vintage pieces for a one-of-a-kind look.

For more from Katie, follow her at @candycoloredhome.

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