You’ve Been Warned: These Are the 11 Common Items You Shouldn’t Have in Your Kitchen

The kitchen can very quickly become filled with leftover food, dirty dishes and drawers filled with all of those bits and pieces you have no other home for. That's why it's important to stay on top of your organisation in the heart of your home. If your kitchen is in need of a good detox, follow our six-step process to have it sparkling in no time. When it comes to minimising clutter and creating some sort of organisation in this room, we're revealing all of the common items that need to be thrown out, ASAP.

1. Broken appliances

I've been guilty of hoarding appliances at the back of the cupboard instead of simply getting rid of them for good. If you're also holding on to a toaster or blender that's seen better days, then it's time to say goodbye for good.

2. Knick knacks

We're all for styling in the kitchen, but glass vases and dainty ceramic pieces don't necessarily belong on the kitchen counter. When you're in the midst of preparing your nightly dinner you don't want to accidentally knock anything or damage something by way of a rogue tin of tomatoes. If you've got open shelves, try placing them up high to admire from a safe distance.

3. Expired foods

This one is obvious, but I bet you could go to your fridge right now and find something that's past its date. Some foods aren't made to stay fresh for very long and can be lurking in the back of the shelf or silently inside the door, so do a thorough check of anything that you wouldn't dare eat and throw away immediately.

4. Multiple fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are a great way to remind yourself to pick up a healthy apple or banana as a snack, but fruit can quickly turn bad and attract the dreaded fruit fly and little critters inside. Instead of putting out multiple that you might forget about during the week, keep your fruit bowl somewhere you'll remember to a) use and b) replace as soon as things go pear-shaped.

5. Chemical cleaners

If you can, switching to organic cleaning products with natural ingredients is ideal to keep your home safe from harsh chemicals. If you do happen to have bleach or other cleaners on hand, the kitchen isn't the best place for them. Food and chemicals don't mix, so find another place in your laundry or garage for these that's far away from the kitchen.

6. Used sponges

How long has it been since you changed your sponge? It's probably been too long. If you start to think about the grease and food residue that it encounters on a daily basis before being left out to dry, you'll want to bin it immediately. Get in the habit of regularly switching out cloths and sponges to make sure you're not just spreading germs from plate to plate.

7. Dirty tea towels

The same goes for that tea towel hanging over the oven. While we don't usually use tea towels for scrubbing, they tend to end up with food and water throughout the week. Throw your tea towel in the wash the next time you put on a load to avoid it becoming damp and musty.

8. Scratched pans

The glossy coating that keeps your food from sticking to your pans can eventually deteriorate and scratch over time. At this point, the pan is no longer doing what you bought it for, so it's time to invest in a new one that will make cooking a smooth and enjoyable process (with less cleaning).

9. Mismatched containers

Just like pairs of socks, kitchen containers can mysteriously become separated from their lids. If this is the case for your collection of containers, then it's time to create a system where they are paired up in the draw after washing, and then tossing any whose lids are nowhere to be seen.

10. Opened jars

Sometimes you only need half a jar of pesto sauce or a dash of spice mix for your meal and you place the rest in the fridge. That's totally fine for a couple of days, but if it's been a couple of weeks since you opened the jar or tin then it's most likely not very fresh anymore. Instead, get in the habit of transferring the contents into a reusable container that will seal the freshness.

11. Plastic bag collection

Okay, we know that everyone's guilty of this one. You make your way to the grocery store and go to check out before realising you forgot to pack your reusable bag. Then when you get home you need to add the bag you just bought to your collection that's bursting out of the cupboard. If you've got more bags than there are days in the week, cull them down and start leaving some in your car or your bag so that you'll never have to buy one again.

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