2021's Lunar New Moon is Here to Make Some Big Changes

Knowing 2020 is well and truly over brings a sigh of relief, but it’s not the only reassurance of new beginnings and certainty you’ll be receiving. On Friday February 12, a New Moon will occur at 6.05am (AEDT), which is set to bring growth, clarity, and the opportunity to dream big. However, it won’t come without having to work for it. 

Here, astrologer Josephine Corcoran unpacks everything there is to know about 2021’s Lunar New Moon - and how you can use it to your best advantage to make the year ahead the most memorable for all the right reasons.  

What is a New Moon?

New moons signal the end and start of a fresh lunar cycle. Each month the moon goes through eight phases of a lunar cycle, with a New Moon bookending these phases. 

The date on which a new moon falls changes, as well as its meaning. This year’s New Moon will occur on February 12 at 6.05am (AEDT), falling under the star sign Aquarius.

What does the New Moon in Aquarius mean?

February’s New Moon in Aquarius is all about ‘innovation’ and ‘social change’. 

“These themes are very strong right now with five planets in Aquarius,” Corcoran tells Bed Threads Journal. “In fact, the last time there were so many planets lined up in Aquarius was 1962, which was a huge year for social change and civil rights.” 

Corcoran explains the New Moon presents an opportunity to connect with what makes you unique, and incorporate that into the work you do. 

“It’s also a powerful lunation to dream big. How do you want to use your skills to make a contribution in the world? What do you feel called to speak up on?  What aspect of human rights and healing the earth matters most to you?”

The New Moon also carries a strong need for emotional freedom, and will force you to think deeply about your life’s purpose and your connection with others. 

According to Corcoran, it’s important you start planning for the Moon on February 10. 

“Over the next couple of days, make time to connect with your authentic purpose, what brings you meaning and network with others who share your vision of how to make the world a better place,” Corcoran adds. “With the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday, this is a powerful time to manifest your biggest dreams for yourself, your community, and the world.”

Use the beginning of the week to review your business and career plans. Then, reserve the back-end of the week to connect “with your unique purpose and a pull to collaborate with others who share a similar vision on how to contribute to the world.”

On Friday February 12 as the Moon is in Pisces, take the time to slow down and let go of what’s happened over the past month. Ask yourself the following: What have you realized you’ve had to let go in order to make room for the new lunar cycle? 

“This is particularly valuable over the next few days whilst we’re in the ‘New Moon intention and goal setting phase’”, Corcoran says. “This is a great time to escape into your own world to get creative, embrace mindfulness and spiritual pursuits, and appreciate artistry. Your intuition is very strong during this time but you’ll need to slow down to hear what it has to say.”

How do you make the most of the New Moon in Aquarius?

“This is the ideal time to focus on what makes you unique, celebrate your strengths, and consider what it is you want to contribute to society as a whole.”

Set yourself personal and career-related goals for the coming year. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my biggest dreams for 2021, and what would I like to manifest this year and over the next 20 years?
  • What aspects of my unique self am I excited about engaging over the coming year?
  • What am I ready to contribute to the greater collective?
  • What am I ready to take a stand on to bring about change?
  • What groups am I called to work with to bring about change?

What zodiac signs are most affected by the New Moon?

It’s a powerful time for those born under an Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising Sign. Librans and Geminis will also hold power by tapping into the Air element of this lunation. By doing this “they can potentially expect some new ideas to come through that deepen their already honed communication skills.”

Moreover, Taureans, Leos, and Scorpios will also feel the effect of the astrological event. “They’ll most likely experience an inner tension to create change in some part of their life right now.”

Corcoran suggests using this New Moon as a rest: “Consider the ideal future for yourself, your work, your relationships, and your community, even if that seems difficult to imagine right now.”

Josephine Corcoran is an Astrologer and Holistic Career Coach. Follow her on Instagram @josephine.corcoran, on Facebook, and sign up to her weekly forecasts here.

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