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The 5 Productivity-Boosting Home Office Tips We're Borrowing From Marie Kondo

For everyone who enjoys the benefits of tidying up (us included), you'll be glad to know that Marie Kondo herself is set to release a brand new book entitled Joy at Work in collaboration with organisational psychologist Scott Sonenshein. It couldn't come at a better time, as all of us are trying to make the most of our home office setups right now. Moving her focus away from your cluttered wardrobe or anxiety-inducing garage, Marie's goal is to help you overcome the challenges of workplace mess and give you a little boost in productivity as well. We've rounded up her top tips for improving your home office below (hint: you'll need to get out of bed).

1. An organised desk

Yes, your dining room counts. Marie suggests that working on a hard surface is preferable, so your desk can be anywhere in your home that you can work comfortably without interruption. Things can become tricky if you are using an area that has more than one function, so clearing all documents, mess (and fruit bowls) off of your workspace before you even log in to your laptop is pivotal for setting the tone.

2. A work scent

We kind of love the idea of selecting a scent that you specifically dedicate to work, just like you do with any personal fragrance you wear. Marie adds that by filling the area with a distinctive scent like eucalyptus or lavender, your brain can begin to associate the scent with the fact that it's time to work. Some scents are also helpful in reducing feelings of stress so you can tackle your inbox without fear.

3. Digital clutter

It makes sense that a person whose main area of focus is tidying would suggest that digital clutter is just as important as piles of clothes and boxes of trophies. For example, if you've got thousands of emails sitting in your inbox and slowly sending you mad, Marie says that it's best to devote a chunk of time solely to accomplish that task. So, set aside an hour in your diary this week to clean up your desktop, archive some emails or free up storage on your system.

4. Cord coordination

Do you also have that random basket filled with old electronics and ever conceivable cord in your house? Of course, Marie has a better solution for taming the tangles. To avoid your work area at home looking like a call centre in the 1905s, unplug cords when not in use and store them in separate pouches (in colours you love) and even label them if you're feeling crafty. There's nothing worse than a tangled set of cords.

5. Keep it simple

Like all of Marie's decluttering suggestions, simplicity is key to keeping calm and focusing on your work while at home. Besides the necessities (computer, keyboard, mouse), Marie suggests that only a very small amount of items should be allowed to live on your desk, like a photo frame or vase of flowers to keep you on track and motivated.

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