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How This Trending Interior Color Can Boost Your Mood at Home

When it comes to decorating our homes, one of the key considerations is the color scheme. If you've ever felt a feeling of calm by being in a room that's swathed in blues or neutrals, or you've felt startled by a boldly-hued space, it’s likely a result of color psychology in interior design, where colors can have an effect on our emotions. Picking the right color scheme for a room can set its mood and influence how we view a space. 

Yellow, specifically a light pastel yellow, is said to be one of the most mood-boosting tones you can introduce in your home. This hue is said to evoke feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, and vitality, so it's a no-brainer that when included in your interiors it will bring a sense of levity to the space.

From including artworks in these tones to your space, or using our Limoncello linen on your bed, injecting a dose of sunshine in your home can only have a positive affect. Below, we look at how this citrus shade can make you feel in your home. 

How to use pastel yellow to boost your mood at home

Warmer tones like yellow can create a pleasant and cocooning affect in a room. “As a general rule, these warmer colors are known for their way of evoking feelings of happiness, positivity and optimism,” says clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Noosha Anzab

But it's important to get the tone right. Bright yellow is a notoriously tricky colour to use in interior design and when over-used can evoke feelings of aggression or frustration. “Signs that are red, amber, or yellow in color usually indicate danger or provide instructions and important information," says Noosha. However, a subdued shade of yellow is soft and delicate can bring a pleasant warmth to a space.

It's a tone that's become increasingly popular to use in interior design since the pandemic, as it brings a level of comfort to a space. "As we look to this new year with hope and a general feeling of optimism, the color yellow is being redefined; bringing calmness and joy to a space whilst also having an innate playfulness to it," says  Haymes Paint color stylist, Wendy Rennie"The pastel reconnaissance overall is one which embraces the use of color to promote wellbeing, a sense of healing and joy."

If you have a room in your home that has a decidedly uninviting feeling to it, introducing a shade like a buttery yellow in the form of wall paint, bedding, curtains, an armchair, or via an artwork can transform it into a cosy, inviting space. "Pastel yellow is the perfect addition of color to a room with a neutral palette where you are wanting to lift the mood and give the space a subtle yet impactful pop," says Wendy.

For the bedroom specifically, our Limoncello linen sheets are a perfectly pale yellow that will inject a dose of sunshine into your sleep sanctuary. So, if your bedroom has been feeling uninspiring or dull, a change to this warm, calming hue might be just the thing you need. 


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