Places and Spaces: An Iconic Pyrmont Pub Is Now a Palm Springs-Inspired Pastel Rooftop Oasis

If you're an interiors fanatic there's no way you didn't stumble upon an image of Perfect Storm by Killing Matt Woods in the last six months. The industrial/minimalist bachelor apartment has been featured on and reposted by every design outlet and even made an appearance on model Em Rata's Insta. It truly broke the internet. When we discovered the Sydney-based creative genius had recently overhauled an iconic Pyrmont pub, we had to take a look for ourselves. As expected, it's incredibly polished and brimming with interesting textures and unexpected colour combinations. Located in the Quarrymans Hotel nestling the harbour, this formerly dingy level has been transformed into a pastel paradise that's perfect for slow afternoons.

Working with a strict budget and within the heavy restrictions that come with designing a heritage building is no mean feat. Matt's approach was to make the most of the original bones of the building and layer his contemporary additions on top to blend the best of the past, present, and future of design. For example, repeating circular motifs are a nod to the existing arched windows and help to soften the space further. Not content with a quick fix, the interior designer has implemented a variety of beautiful materials and textures throughout that make this rooftop oasis feel like it's always been here. Textured walls, chevron floors, and complementary stone finishes are eye-catching and tie in with the quirk of the Palm Springs modern aesthetic. To top it all off, his sustainable approach means that the reno is sure to stand the test of time, with all timbers sourced from salvaged timber merchants, VOC-free paint and energy-efficient lighting used throughout.

Realising the potential of converting a dark series of rooms on the upper level of the hotel into a modern hangout, the owners and Matt conceived the concept of creating a bright, feminine area that's the complete opposite of the way the pub used to look. There's a few different design inspirations mixed together to form the bespoke aesthetic, most notably mid-century modern and Palm Springs. The soft desert style is something we're very fond of and Matt has effortlessly married the heritage of this Sydney icon with the breezy stylings of 20th century California. We could definitely imagine ourselves sipping a spritz overlooking the city's skyline as the sky turns pink. In fact, that's our Sunday plans sorted.

Images courtesy of Matt Woods. Photography by Dave Wheeler.

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