The next big thing in wellness is getting your rest in… while on vacation.

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Why You’re Going to Want to Book a Sleep Tourism Holiday in 2023

The next big thing in wellness is getting your rest in… while on vacation.

A funny thing often happens when we go on holiday. We have an amazing night’s sleep. We usually chalk it down to the fact that holidays are a deeply relaxing break from our usual routine and the stress of work – and when we’re lucky, they involve a big, comfortable hotel bed. No wonder we find ourselves sleeping through the night.

Sleep tourism, the coolest new wellness trend for 2023, is an expansion on this notion. It takes the idea of getting in quality rest while on holiday and makes the whole trip dedicated to that exact goal: sleep tourism is about going on vacation purely to get more sleep. And it’s set to become the buzziest and most-talked about travel trend of the year.

“People often associate travel with decadent meals, extending their bed times, the attractions and the things you do while you’re travelling, really almost at the cost of sleep,” Dr Rebecca Robbins, an expert in sleep, told CNN travel. “Now I think there’s just been a huge seismic shift in our collective awareness and prioritisation on wellness and wellbeing.”

This is what sets sleep tourism apart from your usual holiday. What sleep tourism is not is a big, action-packed itinerary with multiple stops, connections and activities. Sleep tourism is not about packing as much as you can into a holiday and telling yourself that you’ll only ever visit this destination once, and that you can sleep when you get home. Sleep tourism is about prioritising rest while you’re on the road and making sure that the goal of the whole trip is to get at least eight hours each night.

So, how do you craft a sleep tourism trip that will help you slip easily into the land of sweet dreams?

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