From sleep to nutrition, here’s how to take charge of your well-being for the year ahead.

| By Kit Kilroy | Wellness

Makeover Your Self-Care Routine for the New Year With 2023’s Biggest Wellness Trends

From sleep to nutrition, here’s how to take charge of your well-being for the year ahead.

With 2023 mere weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reset your self-care routine. While we’re not saying you need to make a steadfast resolution to meditate every day, the start of the new year is a great time to rethink your wellness rituals.

And if you want to get one step ahead, we recommend considering a few simple well-being trends that are sure to take off this year. Whether you adopt one, two or a few of these principles in 2023, you’ll be on your way to better wellness in no time at all.

Up-and-coming wellness trends suggest that 2023 will be a year of better sleep, better health, and better skin. Who doesn’t want that? By adopting the simple principles of circadian home design, adding more sea veggies to your meals, and looking after your skin microbiome, you’ll be glowing from the inside out this year.

1. Circadian home design

One of the biggest wellness trends on its way up our feeds this coming year has to do with the circadian rhythm – the biological clock that governs your sleep cycle. You might have heard how morning sun can help you get better sleep. Well, circadian home design aims for the same benefits, but with a more active approach.

One approach is to use lighting systems that simulate natural daylight indoors. This could include alarms that wake you up with light as well as sound or timed adjustable lights that change in color and intensity throughout the day. The key to circadian home design is in transforming our indoor environment from static to dynamic, with lighting systems that harmonize with your circadian rhythm rather than disrupt it.

Spending time outside is also a must for a healthy circadian rhythm. If you’ve got a suitable outdoor space, try working there during the day or opt to keep your home desk near a bright window to get some natural light throughout the day. When it comes time to wind down before bed, it’s best practice to stay away from bright screens. Look after your circadian rhythm and you’re likely to sleep better, enjoy improved moods, and overall better well-being.

3. Keeping an eye on still time

This wellness trend is all about turning the old standard on its head. Instead of keeping diligent track of your exercise, daily steps, and calories burned, this trend encourages you to instead focus on the time you spend not moving at all.

While it sounds counterintuitive, there’s actually a fair bit of merit to the idea. By keeping an eye on the time you spend still, whether you’re relaxing or busy at work, you can begin to incorporate passive but beneficial forms of movement into your day. This could mean regularly getting up and moving your body throughout the work day – or even standing while you work. Something as simple as taking the stairs rather than the elevator can also benefit your health and well-being in surprising ways.

5. Digital detox

While this wellness trend is absolutely evergreen, heading into 2023, the digital detox has become more important than ever. With remote work still widely popular, the entire workday takes place on screen for many people. And while most remote workers can’t just log off whenever the need arises, there’s still plenty that can be done to cut down tech time.

An easy way to make a difference is to be mindful of your mobile phone use. Keep it out of sight during your work day if you can. When you need some downtime, try to avoid reaching for your phone as the first go-to activity. You don’t need to go as far as deleting your Instagram, but try to set some boundaries for yourself, like not scrolling in bed or after a certain time of night. A good digital detox could even just be staying away from certain apps for a few days a week. However you go about your detox, taking some time offline can help improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and help you manage your time better.

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