The 9 Monochrome Decorating Hacks We Learnt From Pinterest

There's nothing more chic and timeless than a monochrome interior that perfectly nails the refined, tonal look. When tackled correctly, a monochrome space can provide you with an endless amount of subtle details to discover as time goes on and seasons transition. While it's sometimes confused for black and white, monochrome is much more flexible—you could even have a room filled with navy, cobalt and pastel blue shades if that's your thing. The key to channelling the monochrome aesthetic is to create a warm and inviting space with the use of your selected cohesive colour palette. Follow these masterful monochrome decorating hacks to achieve this classic decor style at home.

1. Introduce neutrals
In a monochrome scheme, things shouldn't be too strict. The most interesting interiors out there are those that bend the rules and inject personality through every design decision. Against a black and white room, warm neutrals are the perfect accompaniment for a space that has dimension and doesn't fall into the stark and cold category. Neutral tones can be used in baskets, jute rugs, or even by working with natural sandstone like the image below.

2. Tone on tone
Tones are your best friend when it comes to monochrome decorating. Without tonal variation in fabrics, wall colours and flooring, your home will feel more like a museum than a relaxing haven. Start by selecting your base colour, whether that's green or grey, then use lighter and darker shades of that colour to execute your decorating decisions.

3. Break it up
So you've got your tones working nicely together but it's still looking a bit flat? It's time to introduce some greenery into the mix. Potted plants and vases filled with flowers are a nice touch to both bring in an organic feeling and provide a focal point to the room.

4. Mix periods
Have you ever seen those Pinterest images of brand new apartments that look like they're straight from the year 3020? Sleek, sure, but totally lacking in charm. The best way to avoid a clinical aesthetic is to combine multiple eras of design together for something uniquely eclectic.

5. Hero colour
We're not ones to follow the rules when it comes to decorating, and believe that inventing your own is way more fun. This monochrome hack is a little controversial, but extremely effective. By selecting just one bold colour (emerald green, for example) to bring into the overall design, you suddenly get a more exciting and dynamic space. An armchair, framed artwork or collection of vases could all work in this instance.

6. Accessorise
No monochrome home is complete without the all-important finishing touches (the fun part). Cushions, books, lamps and other smaller decor items are essential in maintaining an intimate room that people will actually want to spend time in. Fill your bookshelves with your favourite personal photos and objects that will become talking points at your next dinner party.

7. Combine materials
By now you've probably gotten the idea that we're not fans of matchy-matchy interiors with no soul. Well, this monochrome hack will make sure you don't fall victim at your place. It can be tempting to go out and select all of your furniture from the same collection, at the same showroom. However, that's not exactly the way to achieve a welcoming home. Try to mix things up when it comes to materialityfor example, a timber coffee table and a brass side table. Tonally they work well together but provide a curated point of difference.

8. Lose the white walls
A monochrome space without white walls? Uh-huh. That's right, we're advocates for the non-white-wall movement (that we just made up). Sure, white is fine and safe for most styles, but we think you can do better. Experiment with greys for a much more sophisticated and custom look. No doubt everyone who steps through the door will ask "What paint colour is that?".

9. Add pattern
Without patterns, a monochrome space is only reaching part of its full potential. They're really that important—they can enliven an interior by providing a place for the eye to wander to. Depending on your personal style, patterns can be simple ticking stripes or gilded chevron shapes—we'll leave that part up to you.

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