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These Are the 9 Décor Pieces That Every Stylish Londoner Owns

No European vacay is complete without a little (or long) stopover in London. British 'It' girls have been shaping the style landscape for years now, both in fashion and interior design. They know just how to perfectly pull off the traditional-meets-modern look at home, with exactly the right amount of bold colour and warm texture to excite on even the greyest of days (of which London has its fair share).

If you're a fan of the London look, take note of these nine decor pieces you'll want to incorporate for a London-inspired abode.

1. Mismatched Dining Chairs

Home to the Queen and the royal family, you could be fooled into thinking Londoners are formal and a bit uptight. Really, though, London residents are much more casual, opting to blend various high and low pieces together for their signature style. Why have one type of dining chair when you can have six? Mismatched chairs can also be an affordable way to fill out your dining room compared to buying a brand new set.

2. Handmade Ceramics

If we're coming to visit your London pad, a delicious cup of tea on arrival is expected—even better if it's from a handmade ceramic mug. London has become a well-known mecca for original local design, with ceramics at the top of the trending list. Not only is it great to support emerging designers, but you also end up with unique pieces that you'll be proud to show off around the house.

3. Abstract Art

Contrasting original European architecture with contemporary artwork is one of our favourite London-approved aesthetics. There's something nostalgic and very cool about living amongst a combination of new and old that gives your home a sense of history and context. At your place, go for works with organic lines, bold shapes, or anything that inspires you!

4. Glass Table

Because London is known for its not-so-sunny disposition, incorporating reflective surfaces is a hot decorating tip that stylish Brits in the know take advantage of regularly. Flats in London also tend to generally be on the smaller side, so by using a glass coffee table you'll open up the space visually and capture any sunlight that finds its way in.

5. Bold Colour

When it's nothing but grey skies outside, you can easily turn up the fun inside. Bold colours work really well to inject a sense of personality and life into a room. A red velvet sofa? We approve. An emerald green cushion? Absolutely. Mix and match until your heart's content.

6. Warm Textures

Adding texture with homewares is one of the most important things to remember when decorating your home. Without variation, things can feel flat and uninspiring—the opposite of what you want to achieve. Mix it up with wool, linen, velvet and any other tactile materials that make you feel good.

7. Vintage Armchair

The perfect armchair can complete a space, whether it's a reading nook in your bedroom or a casual living area. For something out of the ordinary and very British, skip the furniture chain stores in favour of vintage markets and sellers to find the armchair of your dreams. There's a reason why designs from the 50's, 60's and 70's are trending—they're well-designed and feature classic shapes.

8. Linen Sheets

No matter where you live in the world, a set of 100% pure French flax linen sheets should be on your bed, period. They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer so you won't have to raid the linen closet every time the weather changes. Plus, they're friendly to the environment and are luxuriously soft to the touch. Heaven.

9. Books & Magazines

Londoners love a good read, as do we. Their coffee tables are stacked with fashion books, mystery novels, and everything in between. Instead of stashing them away in boxes or drawers, let your favourite books and mags take pride of place for you and your guests to thumb through when you need a break from your phone or television.

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