This Is How Often You Should Really Change Your Mattress

While we all enjoy the deep satisfaction of buying new sheets, there’s something about mattress-shopping that screams snooze (and not in the way we’d like it to).

In fact, I’m guessing that up until this point in time, you’ve probably not even considered swapping out that soft, squishy mattress that’s been cradling your sleepy self for the past 15 years or so.

While it might’ve done the job until now, recent research shows that mattresses have a lifespan of roughly eight years, depending on factors such as mattress type, whether you sleep solo or with a partner, and the kind of sleeper you are (we’re talking to you, wriggler).

According to sleep experts from Better Sleep Council, here’s how to know it’s time for a new one:

1. You’re not as comfortable

If you’re struggling to find that comfortable nook, chances are your mattress may have lost shape (and is beginning to sag). Unfortunately, subsequent tossing and turning can lead to a less-than-ideal sleep, so best to swap it for something firmer.

2. You’re sore when you wake

Waking up with a sore neck, tight shoulders and lower pain in your back, might mean that your mattress isn’t supporting you as well as it should.

3. You’re sneezing more than you should be

Dust mites and allergens can lay stake in your mattress, which could make those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions struggle while they sleep.

4. You feel your partner’s…every…move…

If your partner’s tossing and turning is keeping you awake, chances are your mattress may have lost its ability to reduce motion transfer (which means a restless sleep for you, and an irritable next day for them).

Once you’ve made the decision to shop and swap, there are easy ways to ensure your mattress lasts the distance. These include:

5. It’s all in the mattress protector

A mattress protector is by far, one of the simplest ways to protect your bed as it reduces the build-up of allergens, protects against spills and accidents and keeps your sweat, skin cells and mid-snooze drool to a minimum.

6. Wash your sheets. Often

Even us mere mortals shed sweat, oils and skin cells in our sleep, which is why bed sheets and blankets should be washed every week.

7. Rotate your mattress for extra wear

Every type of mattress benefits from regular rotation, which is why you should give it a flip every three to six months.

8. Let it shine

Draw those blinds, open those windows, and let it shine; not only does the extra sunlight help to air out your bed, it also encourages better ventilation and prevents excess moisture.

9. Pets, off the bed

While snuggles with our furry friends might help us sleep, giving pets their own designated bed minimises the pet hair, cells, drool and occasional accidents on that brand new, and potentially expensive mattress you’ve just bought.

You spend about a third of your life in bed, which means it’s time to swap out that lumpy, grumpy mattress, for something that dreams are made of (and on).

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